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New Years Giveaway {US}

Happy new year! To celebrate the new year I have an amazing giveaway to offer. This is a US giveaway! Happy winning!

  • Must be 13 years or older or have parents permission
  • US giveaway ONLY
  • I am not responsible for lost packages
  • I check every entry, so be honest y'all. I've had to remove entries before and I'd rather not do it again

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Look #4

Welcome one and all to the second Book Look stolen from Jen over at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters. Make sure y'all go see her's also...they're amazing! Everything here can be found on Polyvore.

The Book

In the beginning was the darkness, and in the darkness was a girl, and in the girl was a secret...

In the domed city of Yuan, the blind Princess Isra, a Smooth Skin, is raised to be a human sacrifice whose death will ensure her city’s vitality. In the desert outside Yuan, Gem, a mutant beast, fights to save his people, the Monstrous, from starvation. Neither dreams that together, they could return balance to both their worlds.

Isra wants to help the city’s Banished people, second-class citizens despised for possessing Monstrous traits. But after she enlists the aid of her prisoner, Gem, who has been captured while trying to steal Yuan’s enchanted roses, she begins to care for him, and to question everything she has been brought up to believe.

As secrets are revealed and Isra’s sight, which vanished during her childhood, returned, Isra will have to choose between duty to her people and the beast she has come to love.

The Look

The classic tale take a dystopian spin in this lovely book. The Rose. We all know that and there are roses near and far in these outfits. The shoes are wonderful in the oddest kind of way and certainly make each of the outfits. 

How did I do? 

Happy Reading

Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 TBR Challenge Initial Post

Okay guys, since this has been my first year (2013) blogging seriously, I'm still pretty new to all the challenges. So this is one of the first ones I'm signing up for in the New Year.

The level I'm going do is 21-30 - First Kiss

As I complete them, I'll list them. 

2013 End of the Year Survey

hosted by the Perpetual Page Turner

*drum roll*

1. Best Book You Read In 2013? (If you have to cheat — you can break it down by genre if you want or 2013 release vs. backlist)
Okay I’ll just do my top ten or fifteen since I am horrible at making decisions (not in order)
Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Dreamscape by Christie Rich, Arclight by Josin L McQuein, Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott, Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry, Losing It by Cora Carmack, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, Crash into You by Katie McGarry, The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Second Chance by Katie Kacvinsky, Ink by Amanda Sun, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
That’s only 14!!
2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t?
 Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike for sure….
 3. Most surprising (in a good way!) book of 2013? 
Probably Losing It because although it got amazing reviews it wasn’t reall what Iwas used to but man was it freaking EPIC or what. Also Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. I cannot say enough good things about that book. GUESTHOUSE GUY IS MINEEE!!
 4. Book you read in 2013 that you recommended to people most in 2013?
EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ Eleanor & Park….and I’ve all but shouted that of the top of the world.
 5. Best series you discovered in 2013?
I really love Cate Tiernan’s IMMORTAL BELOVED series..it’s pretty epic :D
 6. Favorite new author you discovered in 2013?
I discovered A LOT of new author’s this year….I’m gonna have to say Christie Rich because not only is she an amazing writer she’s also super nice!
7. Best book that was out of your comfort zone or was a new genre for you?
This was for school but I read HOW TO READ LIKE AN ENGLISH PROFESSOR and I liked it quite a bit. Not surprising I guess because it was basically a book on how to read!
 8. Most thrilling, unputdownable book in 2013?
Oh god…THE DARKEST MINDS?? Maybe WINGS OF NESTOR?? Or maybe A SAVAGE VENGENCE?? I really don’t know…all three. Final answer!
 9. Book You Read In 2013 That You Are Most Likely To Re-Read Next Year?
Losing It. Meow.
10. Favorite cover of a book you read in 2013?
These three are a tie:

11. Most memorable character in 2013? 
River from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea…still trying to figure him out!
 12. Most beautifully written book read in 2013?
Stolen by Lucy Christopher. I adore the way that book was written
13. Book that had the greatest impact on you in 2013? 
Second Chance by Katie Kavinsky . That book changed me forever
 14. Book you can’t believe you waited UNTIL 2013 to finally read? 
Anna and the French Kiss. Oh god how embarrassing.
 15. Favorite Passage/Quote From A Book You Read In 2013?

16. Shortest & Longest Book You Read In 2013?

How I did this: Went to my read books on Goodreads and sorted by page number and just looked for what I knew I read this yeaer that was the shortest and longest.
Longest: True Love by Lurlene McDaniel

 17. Book That Had A Scene In It That Had You Reeling And Dying To Talk To Somebody About It? (a WTF moment, an epic revelation, a steamy kiss, etc. etc.) Be careful of spoilers!
The Fault in Our Stars. I came down from my room sobbing and my family debated whether they should take me to a mental institution.
18. Favorite Relationship From A Book You Read In 2013 (be it romantic, friendship, etc).
The romance in The Fault in Our Stars…oh yeah. Even though it broke my heart and soul.
19. Favorite Book You Read in 2013 From An Author You’ve Read Previously
Crash Into You by Katie McGarry…LOVE HER!!
20. Best Book You Read In 2013 That You Read Based SOLELY On A Recommendation From Somebody Else:
Anna and the French Kiss..can I add that one to the romance too? Yeah? Okay. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!
21. Genre You Read The Most From in 2013?
No surprise here — contemporary YA!
22. Newest fictional crush from a book you read in 2013?
St Clair from Anna and the French Kiss *.*
23. Best 2013 debut you read?
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea…holy orange chicken yes…
24. Most vivid world/imagery in a book you read in 2013?
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea…this is getting repetitive
25. Book That Was The Most Fun To Read in 2013?
26. Book That Made You Cry Or Nearly Cry in 2013?
Do you even really need to ask…? TFIOS made me sob
27. Book You Read in 2013 That You Think Got Overlooked This Year Or When It Came Out?

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot. It’s kinda perfect.

*Thanks everyone!*
Have a happy New Year! Have any goal??

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feature Follow

This is basically when you are given a topic and you rant on it.The Feature & Follow is a weekly event that allows bloggers to get to know each other, and gain more followers! It is hosted by TWO hosts,Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

Question: What books did Santa stuff if your stocking???


The Non-paper but still bookish--> I got a Great Gatsby sweatshirt and a Mr. Darcy second proposal t-shirt

The paper bookish--> The Poison Princess (loove that books!) and Endless Knight (which I already finished! Review to come!!)

Poison Princess: “The corners of his lips curled. “You and your secrets. Ah, peek├┤n, just when I think I’ve solved one mystery about you, up comes another one. I will figure you out one day. En garde, cher. Consider yourself warned.” 

Review: Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike

Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike
Published 7.13.2013 by Razorbill
338 Pages


Tavia Michaels is the sole survivor of the plane crash that killed her parents. When she starts to see strange visions of a boy she’s never spoken with in real life, she begins to suspect that there’s much about her past that she isn’t being told. 

Tavia immediately searches for answers, desperate to determine why she feels so drawn to a boy she hardly knows. But when Tavia discovers that the aunt and uncle who took her in after her parents' death may have actually been responsible for the plane crash that killed them--and that she may have been the true intended victim--she flees for the safety of Camden, Maine, where the boy she sees in her visions instructs her to go.

Now, Tavia is on the run with no one to trust. No one, that is, except for her best friend and longtime crush, Benson.

Tavia feels torn between the boy who mysteriously comes to her at night and the boy who has been by her side every step of the way. But what Tavia doesn't know is that the world is literally falling apart and that to save it she will have to unite with the boy in her visions. Only problem? To do so would mean rejecting Benson's love. And that's the one thing Tavia Michaels swore she'd never do.

For a story with such a promising beginning and from a author who I adore, I expected way more and in the end all my hopes were for not.  I expected an adventurous book with true love, self discovery and filled to the brim with trust issues. I didn't get any of that. Maybe a little too much self discovery? 

This book was both too complex yet too boring. It was an odd mix to say the least. The accuracy that I was able to predict everything that happened but still REALLY confused was impressive to say the least. Some of the idea I found much too far fetched and all of that really took away from my ability to enjoy the book.  It was frustrating because I really wanted to like the book since I LOVED Pike's Wings series. It just didn't happen.

Onto the romance. I'm not picky when it comes to this topic but the romance in Earthbound was weak. It was the stereotypical feeling of love even if the love triangle (which I am usually okay with) wan't stereotypical.  Basically, what it comes down to is that her best friend is a guy who she's had a crush on for practically ever. Seriously? Why couldn't they just stay friends. Please? Nope. Okay. Guess not.. And then the thing destiny is thrown in for good measure.

Also, I really dislike insta love. Don't you? Her 'love' for Quinn felt like insta love to me. *bangs head on desk and offers a sarcastic smile at the camera*

The details were good I just didn't like the actual story.

In the end, sadly, I cannot recommend this. Yes the cover is gorgeous but ultimately if you feel the need to read some of her work read the Wing series. 

Happy reading

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Look #3

Welcome one and all to Book Looks stolen from Jen over at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters. Make sure y'all go see her's also...they're amazing! Everything here can be found on Polyvore.

The Book

In New York City, 1897, life has never been more thrilling-or dangerous Finley Jayne and her "straynge band of mysfits" have journeyed from London to America to rescue their friend Jasper from the clutches of a devious criminal demanding a trade-the dangerous device Jasper stole from him...for the life of the girl Jasper loves. One false move from Jasper, and the strange clockwork collar around Mei's neck tightens and tightens. From the rough streets of lower Manhattan to elegant Fifth Avenue, the motley crew of teens follows Jasper's elusive trail. And they're about to discover how far they'll go for friendship. More than ever, Finley must rely on powerful English duke Griffin King to balance her dark magic with her good side. Yet Griffin is at war with himself over his secret attraction to Finley...and will risk his life and reputation to save her. Now, to help those she's come to care for so deeply, Finley must infiltrate the criminal gang. Only problem is, she might like the dark side a little too much....

The Look

Let's talk about the look. This is a modern book on the book in general. It has the snazzy steampunk elements as shown in the bracelet, necklace and ring and then it has the rich purple colors as shown in the clutch and the shoes. Along with the sweet dress we have leather leggings and my dream bomber jacket. I think it's kind of perfect. 

How did I do? 

Happy reading

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Series Challenge

*drum roll*
This is a challenge in which I read and maybe finish a few series that I got bored of or never found the other book or I got distracted by another book...you get the idea. Thanks to Read.Sleep.Repeat. I have motivation!!! YAY FOR MOTIVATION!!!

What do I plan on achieving???
The Gold Badge!! Isn't it beautiful?! Here's what it is: If you complete 7-11 series you will earn the Gold BadgeThose who earn this badge will be entered into a giveaway for a $20 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo. 
Ppshhh...I can totally do that. Right? 
Right! GO ME!!!

Series I am trying to finish
Shadow Falls
The Clann
The Goddess Test
The Grisha
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
The Sweet Trilogy
Mara Dyer
The Selection
Shatter Me
Steampunk Chronicles

Yeah...I'll probably have to re-read quite a bit because I don't remember what most of these were about. *sigh*

Happy reading!!

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks...I kinda collect those in bulk. Hello! Freebies!!

I WON AWESOME STUFF!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Thanks to the lovely bookish and amazing people over at Macmillian and The Irish Banana I got books like CRESS (Yes, be jealous) and The Winner's Curse! Mwahahaha....

The Winnings...

Cress / Goodreads
The Winner's Curse / Goodreads
Unforgotten / Goodreads
Plus One / Goodreads
Something Real /  Goodreads
Grandmaster / Goodreads
Drama Queens / Goodreads
The Rule of Three / Goodreads
Tin Star / Goodreads
Sekret / Goodreads
Nil / Goodreads

Library Stash

Monstrous Beauty // Goodreads
Shadow of the Mark // Goodreads
The Madman's Daughter // Goodreads

Thank you Razorbill for a signed poster of EARTHBOUND by Aprilynne Pike! I'll be using it in a giveaway.

Happy reading

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Still not done Christmas shopping? Here's some suggestions.

I love presents! You love presents! We all love what? Say it together now! PRESENTS! And I want y'all to have a very bookish holiday, so here's some suggestions.

Let's be honest...who wouldn't want these insanely amazing bookmarks? I don't know either.

If you say you don't want this book smelling candle, you're a liar. And wouldn't this make an awesome present to a book lover? 

A personal library kit?! Say what...? Yes. #win

This is for those who just walk into a room covered in awesome and glitter and are always wearing their sassy pants. Do you know someone like that

This Pride and Prejudice book clutch needs no explanation. None.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Look #2

Welcome one and all to the second Book Look stolen from Jen over at Books and Other Happy Ever Afters. Make sure y'all go see her's also...they're amazing! Everything here can be found on Polyvore.

The Book

It's a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be alone. 

Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a young war hero who learned long ago that girls like Lilac are more trouble than they’re worth. But with only each other to rely on, Lilac and Tarver must work together, making a tortuous journey across the eerie, deserted terrain to seek help. 

Then, against all odds, Lilac and Tarver find a strange blessing in the tragedy that has thrown them into each other’s arms. Without the hope of a future together in their own world, they begin to wonder—would they be better off staying here forever?

Everything changes when they uncover the truth behind the chilling whispers that haunt their every step. Lilac and Tarver may find a way off this planet. But they won’t be the same people who landed on it.

The Look

The green! The purple! The gold! Everything about this outfit feel royal...much like our main girl Lilac in THESE BROKEN STARS. 

How did I do?

Happy Reading

Monday, December 16, 2013

ARC Review: Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott

Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott

Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: eARC from Edelweiss



Life. Death. And...Love?

Emma would give anything to talk to her mother one last time. Tell her about her slipping grades, her anger with her stepfather, and the boy with the bad reputation who might be the only one Emma can be herself with.

But Emma can't tell her mother anything. Because her mother is brain-dead and being kept alive by machines for the baby growing inside her.

Meeting bad-boy Caleb Harrison wouldn't have interested Old Emma. But New Emma-the one who exists in a fog of grief, who no longer cares about school, whose only social outlet is her best friend Olivia-New Emma is startled by the connection she and Caleb forge.

Feeling her own heart beat again wakes Emma from the grief that has grayed her existence. Is there hope for life after death-and maybe, for love?

“I see what grief does, how it strips you bare, shows you all the things you don't want to know. That loss doesn't end, that there isn't a moment where you are done, when you can neatly put it away and move on.” 

I didn't even know it was possible: to keep the baby alive when the mother had died.

In HEARTBEAT, we meet Emma, a girl with a stepfather who never asked what she thought and a dead mother being kept alive for his baby Emma wants to hate Dan for ignoring when Emma believed her mother never wanted: another child. Her mother is over 40, so carrying a baby isn't exactly a walk in the park and, in the end, it kills her.

Emma’s falling into a pit of hopelessness and anger until she meets Caleb. Someone who understands. In HEARTBEAT the romance was subtle. It didn't play a major role in the story was it was important nonetheless. The main thing that was focused on was Emma’s despair over her mother and her hate for Dan. The love was secondary and amazing. 

Both Emma and Caleb are shattered by events in their life that ripped them apart; for Caleb it was the death of his younger sister. They’re tortured and beautiful and so very broken. Both of them need and
want the other. I love that their relationship wasn't dramatic and complex- it simply was. Honesty, it was beyond amazing; their love was cotton candy and hugs and talking on rooftops. Their love was literally lifesaving. It was something to be savored. 

I haven’t read this serious of a book in a while and it put it simply, it blew me away. The writing style and flow of words left me in awe. I felt what Emma was feeling and my heart wept for her…so did my eyes a few times. Yes, I cried. 

Emma’s voice in HEARTBEAT was perfect. As a teenager I found her totally relatable and I think I would have reacted very similarly if I were thrown in that situation. 

In the end I was surprised by how much I loved the book and y’all have got to read it. 

Four Stars.

Happy Reading