Monday, December 3, 2018

Santa Baby

Disclaimer: Christmas music is my least favorite kind of music. Bells drive me out of my mind. I don’t enjoy high pitch noises. Any other music similar to that is out of the question. The only exception to this hard-and-fast rule is 90s R&B holiday jingles. Without. Bells. For the love of the Almighty, without the bells.

There are so many snazzy things out there, babe. From me to you, let’s talk wishlists. I suck at making them. I can make every other type of list, but wishlists leave me stumped. When in doubt, get me chocolate and fuzzy socks. Honestly, just do that and call it a day. I also like cards. I have every card I’ve ever received since I was in Kindergarten. Grinch Onesie: I want it. Who doesn’t want to be the holiday’s favorite hater? It’s my destiny, I can feel it. Elf shoes: Why don’t I have elf shoes already? Honestly. I mean slippers. Preferably candy cane striped with point. I’m being serious.

To go ice skating: Can I ask for that? Even though it’s not, like, a thing? I want it. I mean I don’t really enjoy being chilled, but I’m here for the aesthetic. I’ll wear my best red coat. Chocolate: I’m not joking. Get local stuff. Support the people who want to give back to the community. In Seattle that’s Joe Chocolate, Seattle Chocolates, Theo Chocolates and so many more. Give me the candy.

An adventure: So the idea of just renting an airbnb for the weekend sounds amazing. I want to go somewhere close, somewhere new and just sit back and relax and eat. Mwahaha. So I told you my holiday wishes. What are some of yours? Tell me in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Pictures via Unsplash