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Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)

Alice in Zombieland, Gena Showalter

Kindle Edition, 416 pages
Published September 25th 2012 by Harlequin Teen
3 stars
She won't rest until she's sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that's all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real.
To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn't careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies.

My Splurge:
 Well, I'll just start off with this is not exactly what I was expecting. I'm still not sure if that was really good or bad. Huh. Before everything I can tell you this appeals more towards general paranormal romance fans that fans of horror and such. The gore factor is a 0-0.5 while the other stuff is more of a 7 or 8(out of 10). Well, here goes nothing.

Alice(Ali) is a shy, stubborn, not easily intimidated, funny with a sense of humor (Ali to Frosty and it's not at all what you're gonna think)"Okay, here’s a hint. A lot of people were there. There was some screaming, definitely some writing. A looot of touching." girl of 16 that has had everything taken from her but given enough to survive. Although she doesn't know it yet. Since the car crash her sister has been watching her and every time _____ is about to happen she puts a white rabbit in the sky(that's about was original Alice in Wonderland as we get....besides her name)

Ali's little sister actually played at pretty decent part of the book for being killed so early in the book. She was the watcher and felt a sense of protection over her older, zombie slaying sister (how cool is that title?!?!)
http://apps.genashowalter.com/aiz/cole-badge-small.jpg Cole is this super hot, bossy zombie slaying who in the beginning wants to push her us against the  wall and kiss her until they're both breathless and that makes him want to kill her. Later in the book he just wants to kiss her...or kill her....maybe just some of both. hehe. And what's even more adorable about them....he's so protective of her and it is too freaking well.... adorable. Lol "“Cole was watching Justin as if he wanted to flay the skin from his bones, throw it down and play “Dance, Dance Revolution” on it.”( this is Ali's thought as Justin-another boy who likes her- walks away from her)
You guys have no idea how happy I was when they finally kissed. It was amazing and steamy and (almost) perfect. THANKS A LOT FROSTY!!! grrrrr
*Poppy+Bronx....unexpected but amazing.*
Oh and by the way, I hate you Wren and Justin and Jaclyn.....you bring shame to the name. So glad its not spelled the same or I'd have a fit. Hmph. 

Grandparents slang/dating/sex talk omg hahahahhahahhahhhahahaha I seriously almost died like every time they tried to do teenage slang. Nobody does it like us. (;

OMG KAT! I love her so much. She was an amazing addition to the story. He ego was sky high and wrapped around the world. I wanted her and Frosty back together asap. Like a week ago. They are perfect they should have never broken up. Well I understand why they did....
Kat Parker

“"He ignored me, thank God, saying to Kat, "Let go of Frosty's leash. You're choking the life out of him."
Kat's eyes narrowed to tiny slits, a sure sign of her aggression. "He deserves to choke. He didn't keep little frosty in his pants this summer." the words snapped like a whip.
"He did." Cole snapped back with unwavering confidence.
"Not, not, not!" she shouted with a stomp of her foot.
"What are we five?" Cole said.


I felt so sorry for her. And I loved how she was always like "True Story" twas hilarious. 

I loved how at the end all the guys who are Zombie Hunters are all like big brothers to Ali.

In the end, like I said not AIW but may be good may be bad....that's for you to decide.

 Find the Cast here--> Zombie Lovers Unite
Okay so Cole did something really sweet.. her gave Ali and IPod and here's the music!
1.Furious->Jeremy Riddle
2. How He Loves->Flyleaf
3.Fallen->John Walker
4.Monster-> Skillet
5.Fading->Decyfer Down
6. Things Left Unsaid-> Disciple
7.All In->Lifehouse
8.Beautiful Disaster->Jon McLaughlin
9.How to Save a Life->The Fray
Cole's fav song: Forever by Red
Ali's fav song: Fading by Decyfer Down
Kat's fav song: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson
Frosty's fav song: Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot 
If you Looking for More Zombies.....

Dearly, Departed (Gone With the Respiration, #1)
Dearly, Departed (#1) 5 stars


Click Here

Okay, So that's it folks!


Paper Passion:For Book Lovers

Yes, this is a real thing. Lol.xD

I was on Goodreads, just looking through my feed, then, out of nowhere I see this -->
I was like 'hahahahaha' Yeah. I was really rather amused. hehehe
Okay, but no seriously. This is a real thing guys. I mean I don't wanna smell like a book (new or old) but maybe I'd spray my Kindle with it so I have more of the 'real book experience.' Ah. Nah, that would probably end up being a bad idea.

Okay so here's what the site said (and I am quoting here)

Paper Passion

by Gerhard Steidl, Geza Schoen
Paper Passion fragrance by Geza Schoen, Gerhard Steidl, and Wallpaper* magazine, with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl.
“The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.” Karl Lagerfeld
This tells the story of a passion and a twisting plot to put the particular bouquet of freshly printed books in a bottle. Gerhard Steidl was first alerted to the importance of the smell of a book by Karl Lagerfeld, prompting a passion for paper and the composition of a scent on the pages of a book. To Wallpaper* magazine the pairing of the publisher with the perfumer seemed a natural partnership and so the idea for Paper Passion was born. Wallpaper* magazine commissioned master perfumer Geza Schoen to create a fragrance based on the smell of books to be part of the Wallpaper* magazine Handmade exhibition in Milan.
This is an opportunity to celebrate all the gloriosensuality of books, at a time when many in the industry are turning against them. The idea is that is should relax you, like when you read a book, to a level of meditation and concentration. Paper Passion has evolved into something quite beautiful and unique. To wear the smell of a book is something very chic. Books are players in the intellectual world, but also in the world of luxury.
Hidden inside the pages of a book, Paper Passion is accompanied by texts from Karl Lagerfeld, G√ľnter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers.
“You have a book, you open it, there’s a bottle inside and it smells of a book. It might be quirky, but the idea has a simplicity, a linearity.” Geza Schoen

Ohhh. Milan. Fancy *smirks* Ehh. But you gotta applaud them for originality. 10/10

But, hey, even I-a hardcore bibliophile- do not wanna smell like a book.
But whatever, if this is your thing all that can be yours for $100. Oh and I hope you European.




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The Trouble With Spells (Of Witches and Warlocks, #1)

The Trouble with Spells( of Witches and Warlocks #1)
Paperback, 244 pages
Published March 9th 2011 by Moonstruck Media (first published November 12th 2009)
ISBN13: 9780984592685
     Portia Mullins had always lived the life of a normal teenager, up until her sixteenth birthday. She is then informed by her grandma that she is actually a witch who is a descendant of a long line of witches and warlocks. After overcoming her disbelief she finds that being a member of the coven comes with one great perk in the form of the school's handsome bad boy, Vance Mangum. 
     Vance and Portia have an immediate connection as a budding romance begins, only to be threatened by turbulent skies on the horizon as Vance's checkered past rears its ugly head to haunt them. Portia is forced to use her untried powers in defense of everything she loves in a desperate attempt to hold on to the one thing that really matters in her life.
Rating 5/5
"Every moment I was with Vance seemed wonderful, extraordinary, and magical, though we often felt like we were going crazy with need when we were together. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, every moment I was away from him seemed like torture, and I was filled with an aching I couldn’t describe."  
My Splurge
It had been sitting, collecting dust in my kindle for a while, so I figured, why not?
This book had everything. It had witty remarks, perfect love, lust, things to overcome, need, want, magic and witches.
Now, I'm usually not a magic/witch/warlock kinda person, but this was a completely fresh and much needed take. It was refreshing. The characters were so down to earth and I just really connected with them. Portia's mom was just so hilarious. She the chef of the family and she had this really bad dish that she made and she apologized to the sink disposal for making it dispose of it. I just laugh out loud at that. hehe.
And when Sally kissed Vance(love the name by the way) and Portia punched her 'supposed best friend' I was just like you go girl!!!! *fist pump here
Of course there was more than just lots of laughing (like through the entire book) there was also some major tear-tearjerkers.
And the binding ceremony!!! Can I get some awwwhhhsss???!? Loved it!
You can ask my dad, I was grinning and laughing through like the entire book. It was just such an enjoyable read. Totally worth it. Their love surpassed unbreakable path and surpassed all expectations. Mmmmmmm. Perfection. 

I also loved the new take on demons: witches and warlocks that have been overpowered by dark magic. Cool. Haven't heard that one before!
The only question I had was why didn't I read this sooner???
*This is a series of 5 books find them all here---> OfWitches&WarlocksSeries 
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Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, #1)       

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  If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)

 If I Stay by Gayle Forman
What would you do if you had to choose?
Hardcover, 201 pages
Published April 2nd 2009 by Dutton Juvenile
0525421033 (ISBN13: 9780525421030)

 On a day that started like any other.......
Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. Then, in an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and unknowable future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the only decision she has left-the most important she'll ever make.
Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic, riveting, and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying and loving. 

What I Thought: 3.7 stars

If I Stay by Gayle Forman   

"Sometimes you make the choices and sometimes the choices make you."
This was a beautifully written tale of life in between death and reality. Through out this book there were flashbacks and then she would see things through her spirits eyes. It was a fresh take on the spirit world that I'm really not used to experiencing. It was kinda like magic.
In the real world she and her boyfriend were soul mates, but they were growing apart and didn't realize how much they needed each other. Her almost death made them both realize how much they needed each other, how what they felt wasn't just a passing faze. 
"Play me like your cello" -Adam
The deaths of her family: I felt like I was supposed to cry, but there wasn't enough detail and getting them to go off of.
 "I realized now that dying was easy. Living is hard."-Mia
 I mean yeah, I totally loved them and they were an amazing addition. Addition. Notice how I didn't say character. In truth, I felt more connected to her grandparents than her parents. Her brother though.....I wanted to cry. So bad. But the tears wouldn't come. I think I may have been in shock although I sorta was expecting it.
Her boyfriend... He was just what the story needed. Together they were the odd couple but they complimented the other perfectly. 
 “If you stay, I'll do whatever you want. I'll quit the band, go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I'll do that, too. I was talking to Liz and she said maybe coming back to your old life would be too painful, that maybe it'd be easier for you to erase us. And that would suck, but I'd do it. I can lose you like that if I don't lose you today. I'll let you go. If you stay.”-Adam (at the near end of the novel)
 It was so cute.Their relationship was rocky, but they were the forever kind of love. They were the kind of love that people cross oceans for, the kind that the butterflies in your stomach never stop. They were the kind of love that even a kiss of the forehead can be seen as the most romantic thing ever.  They were both talented musicians and was just what the other needed. 
"Please Mia. Don't make me write a song."-Adam
And the ending was a major cliff-hanger, but it was the good kind.
It was the kind that makes you hope.
“And that's just it, isn't it? That's how we manage to survive the loss. Because love, it never dies, it never goes away, it never fades, so long as you hang on to it.” 
What I really loved was the lengths that Adam went to to make sure he saw Mia. He was the dream boyfriend, the kind that romantics write songs about and the kind that every girl wants to have. He was messed up, adoring, not perfect, amazing, loving, caring, wonderful, dreamy, committed.
“Adam is crying and somewhere inside of me I am crying, too, because I'm feeling things at last. I'm feeling not just the physical pain, but all that I have lost, and it is profound and catastrophic and will leave a crater in me that nothing will ever fill.”
 Overall, I wish this book had more emotion. It was a good, easy read though. Totally worth my time. 

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The Girl (Guardians, #1)


 The Girl By Lola St. Vil
Kindle Edition, 218 pages
Published January 9th 2012 by Amazon Digital Services
After his death,
Marcus found the love of his life...

Unfortunately it's not his sexy, telekinetic angel girlfriend --- it's Emmy Baxter... a human.

Emmy - a bookish, witty student - is rescued by six teenaged angels with powers, called Guardians. They've been sent to elicit the secret from her before the demons can. Emmy later learns that her name is the only clue to locating a sought-after bridge that for centuries, Evil has plotted to destroy; this would in turn bring about the end of humanity.

Things get worse when Emmy falls madly in love with Marcus, the well-intentioned but obstinate leader of the Guardians. He eventually confesses that he is in love with her as well. Unfortunately, Marcus has been warned by his clairvoyant and omniscient guide that should he and Emmy get together, the mission will fail and humanity will perish.
My Splurge: Rating-1 star
Okay, um, uh, no.
So here's the thing to two main characters are cheaters. Both of them. Two-timers. They were the only characters in the book I hated. I liked the antagonists more than I liked them.
Emmy (main girl) has an immediate, utter and irreversible love for Marcus (main guy). She is obsessed but he has a girl friend so she try's (and fails miserably) at trying to stay away from him. Then she ends up kissing him. Oh my. I feel really bad for Marcus's girl friend. I understand her anger and everyone is ganging up against her. I mean come on! She's one one who's being cheated on and she STAYS FAITHFUL TO HIM!!!
Then, of course, Marcus go's to Emmy in her bedroom (not like that guys) and tells her that they should be together. Of course, like any sane girl, she asks if he'd break up with his girl friend. He says no, that he'll just date the two of them. At the same time.
She's all like 'okay. cool. totes. that fine.'
THEN near the end of the book Reese, who has apparently had a thing for her forever, confesses his love to her and they make out. She gives him an angel hickey (glowing hair) Marcus finds out and gets all jealous. omg, dude,....really? You have a freaking girlfriend, run back to her. BE FAITHFUL for crying out loud -_-
Then...Reese thinking that Emmy be faithful to him, saves her, and ends up dying for her. I wanted to kil - kick something.

So yeah. No idea why this got such good ratings.

Yes, there are more books in the series. 
Find them here (Goodreads.com)

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Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)

 Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
1442436646 (ISBN13: 9781442436640)
edition language: English
original title: Poison Princess
1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole introduces The Arcana Chronicles, post-apocalyptic tales filled with riveting action, the dark mysticism of Tarot cards, and breathtaking romance.

She could save the world—or destroy it.

Sixteen year old Evangeline “Evie” Greene leads a charmed life, until she begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of the future—and they’re still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Deveaux.

But she can’t do either alone.

With his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude, Jack is like no boy Evie has ever known. Even though he once scorned her and everything she represented, he agrees to protect Evie on her quest. She knows she can’t totally depend on Jack. If he ever cast that wicked grin her way, could she possibly resist him?

Who can Evie trust?

As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of twenty-two teens has been chosen to reenact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it’s not always clear who is on which side….

My Splurge:)
Woah dudes...I, like, totally didn't expect that. O.O I am totally amazed. I was kinda annoyed at the layout of the book in the beginning, but when it all pulled together in the end, it was perfection.
She was popular, at the top of the food ladder, then it happened. It was like an apocalypse. Like fell from the sky and she is shoved together with the Cajun boy from the other side of the bayou. And dude, that is some steamy stuff there ;)

Loved it.
Cajun is the new ultimate sexy accent. Mmmmmm(:

“You’re dressing up and using expensive perfume? Ole Jack senses a trap. Consider me snared.”
Okay. Okay, I'm back.
They battle all that is out in the wild. Evie is discovering strange powers and falling harder and harder for someone who insults her at every turn.
Jackson 'Jack' has his own problems. He's fighting for Evie's attention but is unwillingly driving her away. He cares for her after_____dies. He loves her with an unquenchable flame. He protects her from all that the world is throwing against them.

“If you touch me like that again, Evangeline,” he began in a husky tone, dropping to his seat once more, “in the space of a heartbeat, I will have you off this bike and onto the closest horizontal surface. And I woan be picky, no.” 
 Through the whole book it feels like they are fighting each other. It was rather annoying.
At the end it all pulls together....and I hated it so much. I wanted to cry and scream and slap lots of peoples heads. I did cry a bit actually. I love Evie. I love Jack. They are perfect.

End of story.

Why can't it just all be picture perfect?

Oh well. Y'all better read this. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Why do I give this 3 stars? I really hate the ending. Really, really hate it.

Here's a few more quotes (;

1.Finally, the big one reached for his helmet. I waited. He yanked it off, shook out his hair, and raised his head. My lips parted.
Mel voiced my thoughts: “I kind of wasn’t expecting that.”
2.“I woan let you go back to that boy—not until you give me one bec doux.” A sweet kiss. Then he reached forward unlacing the ribbon from my hair.
“What are you doing?” I murmured.
“Souvenir.” He put it in his pocket, and for some reason that struck me as the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.
3.“And you Sterling girls make fun of Clotile for wearing shirt skirts?” Jackson said, striding across the courtyard, raking his gaze over me in my cheer uniform.
I hastily closed my journal, putting it with my other books.
“Um, um, UM, Evie. Just seeing you in that getup make me feel more…cheerful.”
4. “Why are you being decent to me?”
“I’m not. I just want you on my bike, with you in dat skirt.”
 5.“When you got captured, I didn't know..." He trailed off, had to chug whiskey before he could continue. "If it'd be like..."
"Like it was with Clotile."
"Oh, Jackson, no. I was okay. I'm unharmed."
"Didn't know if I'd get there too late," he said with a shudder. Then he crossed over to me, until we stood toe-to-toe. "Evie, if you ever get taken from me again, you better know that I'll be coming for you." He cupped my face with a bloodstained hand. "So you stay the hell alive! You don't do like Clotile, you doan take that way out. You and me can get through anything, just give me a chance."--his voice broke lower "just give me a chance to get to you." He buried his face in my hair, inhaling deeply. "There is nothing that can happen to you that we can't get past."
"When you say we...?"
6.He pulled back, gazing down at me, his eyes blazing. "I'm goan to lay it all out there for you. Laugh in my face--I don't care. But I'm goan to get this off my chest."
"I won't laugh. I'm listening."
"Evie, I've wanted you from the first time I saw you. Even when I hated you, I wanted you." He raked his fingers through his hair. "I got it bad, me." 
My heart felt like it'd stopped--so that I could hear him better.
"For as long as you've been looking down your nose at me, I've been craving you, an envie like I've never known."
"I don't look down at you! I'm too busy looking up to you."
7. "The corners of his lips curled for an instant before he grew serious again. "You asked me if I had that phone with your pictures, if I'd looked at it. Damn right, I did! I saw you playing with a dog at the beach, and doing a crazy-ass flip off a high dive, and making faces for the camera. I learned about you"- his voice grew hoarse -"and I wanted more of you. To see you every day." With a humourless laugh, he admitted, "After the Flash, I was constantly sourcing ways to charge a goddamned phone--that would never make a call."
I murmured, "I didn't know...I couldn't be sure."
"It's you for me, peekon.”
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