Review Policy

Status: I am not currently accepting books for review

Most of the time, I accept print and ebook ARCS for review, though your book does not need to be an ARC for me to consider reviewing it.  (I personally prefer eARCs)

  **If your book genre is not on the list above, look through my blog to see if a book like yours is listed. I do accept self published books as long as you provide your Goodreads link with the request.

If you would like me to review your book, or the book of an author you are representing please contact me at my email address nobentspines{at}gmail{dot}com  Review requests will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis and a case by case basis.  In your email please include Name of the Book, Author, publisher, genre, brief synopsis, and a link to Goodreads if possible.

If I decide to review your book please be prepared for me to be honest.  I pride myself on being a very honest and open reviewer.  Please be sure that you can handle and are prepared to handle a negative, but not mean review before you send me a request.

***Please note that if you want me to do a cover reveal, interview, giveaway or anything for your novel you're are publishing, please email me with all the information (I have a slight obsession with guest posts!)***

I also love helping authors out! If you would like me to feature your book on my blog, I am more then happy to (provided it falls within the correct genres) I am willing to consider posting an excerpt or anything else you can think of.

 Review Policy

All books reviewed on this site was either sent to me by an author or publisher, rented from the library or are in my personal possession.

Free books from publishers and authors were in exchange for a honest review and not money.

All reviews can also be found on my Goodreads account.

All opinions expressed on this website are my own (unless stated otherwise in a guest review). I promise to be honest, fair and to be non biased with all of my reviews.

Not all the books reviewed are going to be upcoming or new releases. Some are going to be older, some are going to be a lot older.

There are a few Did Not Finish (DNF) reviews on this site.  I try to finish every book that I start but if it offends me, bores me or I just plain dislike it I will not finish it.  This is something that does not happen often.

Please contact me to discuss the form that you are going to send me your book in. I accept these forms: mobi, Kindle, physical

Have I scared you off yet? No? Then email me at nobentspines AT gmail DOT com