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Review: Mistletoe on Main Street by Olivia Miles

Mistletoe on Main Street by Olivia Miles
The greatest gift begins with a kiss. . .
Published: September 30, 2014
Review Copy via Publisher (Forever)


Sleigh bells, snow, and second chances . . .

Briar Creek's quaint shop windows, cozy homes nestled in snow, and neighborly residents are what Christmas dreams are made of--for everyone except Grace Madison. She left her hometown years ago to pursue a writing career. But when her father's death leaves his bookstore empty, Grace must return to face why she fled Vermont in the first place: Luke Hastings, who still heats her up like a shot of smoky whiskey on a cold winter's night.

Grace is back, and Luke is worried. How much has she changed as a bestselling author in the big city? What memories will she stir up? And was the choice he made five years ago the biggest mistake of his life?

Now, with their past, present, and future rocking around the Christmas tree, it's time for Grace and Luke to face the music . . . and the mistletoe.

There is no decking of the halls in this Christmas time book- or at least not in the first hundred leaps. Know what there is a lot of? Drama. Angst. Idiots. Cute moments. Stupid moments. Drama. Tension. Heartbreak. Drama. *looks over list* And drama. Since I don’t really know how to review this book (and it’s been about a month.5 since I’ve read it (thanks school)) I’ll be doing this review little differently. I’ll be breaking down the whatchamacallits into sections.  First let me offer you a suggestion in your choice of Christmas music to go with how I feel about the romance in this book: This Christmas- Set It Off (it’s on the Punk goes Christmas album, if case you feel confuzzled)

SO, let’s talk romance, my lovelies: I hate the romance. *giggles hysterically* I HAAAAATE IT (that was said in a sing-song voice to convey the psychotic tendencies this romance brings out of me) It was too angsty. Everyone had issues, most which I didn’t really understand, nor feel I could empathize, or even sympathize, with. I never had the urge to lock them in a room. Okay, that last one was a lie, but come one. Communication, y’all. Communication. I swear. I’ll say it one more time in case you didn’t hear it, I’ll even type this in a Dr. Phil voice- Communication.

Let’s chat plot: The plot . . . a mother who doesn’t feel Christmas, lovers who are resisting each other (haha, bet you think I’m talking out our main characters) and two idiots who don’t know how to let go of the past. I really liked all the different stories interwoven into the novel. It was cute. And sweet. And made me want to see how everything would end up.

That small town feel, y’all :  . . . it gets me every time! Pastry shops and book stores and adorable plays and a holiday with mistletoe and jingle bells and hot chocolate 24/7. I think yes yes yes. Where’s my plane ticket?

So, basically: I liked everything and everybody except the two main characters. Therefore, I give this book a nice and round rating of 3 stars. Tee hee hee.

Happy holidays, my lovelies!

a merry little Christmas, or holiday
Just have food and presents and hot chocolate

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