Friday, May 8, 2015

Change the World 1: It's A Girl

So, have you ever heard of gendercide? 

It's the systematic killing of a specific sex. Usually females. Why is it that usually females are killed? In the Eastern world's culture, the value of females are frequently put on a lower stand than that of the value of men. Cultural saying that daughters are a burden, daughters bring only less money to the table, women are worth less than men lower the confidence of females in a society.

Dowry Violence. Female feticide. Child abandonment. Abuse. Trafficking. Forced sterilization.

I mean, I get that there are a whole brunch of people in the world- but what about negative feedback cycles? And when in the world did humans get the right to decide whether or not that person has the right to live or to die. Wait-don't answer that one. It's present in all societies.

This topic was brought into my vision while watching a documentary on Netflix. It is called It's a Girl. And it was heartbreaking. Some of these women kill their children simply because they are female. Okay, so nothing is that simple. Some mothers believed they were saving their daughters from the world of poverty, while other's could not afford to pay for dowry, and even others had pressure from their spouse and from their family to murder their infants. It's economics and it's politics.

All of this where females are just as necessary and important to society as men. Female children stolen from their families to be wives for their sons.

This idea is just so foreign to me. But the women and men who opposed it, I just found them completely inspiring.

So how can you become a more informed human and petition against the epidemic?

Look at these links.

First, Women's Rights Without Frontiers.
Second, Take Action. / Gendercide Awareness Project
Third, just watch the movie.

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