Monday, May 14, 2012

Books That I Will Think You To Be An Idiot If You Don't Read

(this is not all of the books)

Oh Yeah, looks like y'all have summer reading!! >evil laugh, evil grin< MWAHAHA!!! >:)


  1. Heheee, I read some of them so I am not such a big idiot :))))

    I really loved some of them (Nevermore, Across the universe, Catching Jordan, etc), and really need to read "Wither" (wich has probably the most fitting cover in the world, not to mention that it is really beautiful)

    Happy midnight reading!

    1. I really loved Nevermore but am SO scared to read the second one!! I so don't wanna ruin my image of it. Wasn't Catching Jordan AMAZING!! I loved it, I really hope she does a sequel or something. Wither....I cannot describe the way I feel about that's just so.....perfect. :)

      Thanks so much & happy reading!