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A Chance for Charity

A Chance for Charity
S.L. Baum
The Immortal One: Book One
260 Pages
Published June 4th 2010 by Createspace 


A new family has just arrived in the isolated mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Welcome the Johnstons - Jason (a doctor), Rachel (a designer), and their niece Emily (a current High School Senior).

Emily has lived the life of a quiet loner in the past, trying to go unnoticed. But with Telluride being such a small and welcoming town, she finds a group of friends at school almost immediately. When Emily meets Link (another new transplant in town) her world turns upside down. She doesn't understand why she feels a magnetic pull toward him, or why she unknowingly lets her guard down around him. Link is just as confused by his own need to be with her.

Emily knows she is playing with fire. She should be doing whatever she can to keep herself isolated, to keep Link from getting too close. Danger has a way of finding Emily's family - that is what keeps them on the move. They arrive in a new town every few years - it is safer that way.

Because... Emily isn't really Emily... her real name is Charity - and Charity has an even bigger secret. Charity and her family are not like other people, they have "skills" that mere mortals cannot begin to comprehend.

Before long, Charity is struggling with the reality that her two lives are coming closer to each other with each passing day. Soon Link will find himself wrapped in a supernatural world that he never knew existed - and discover that mortals are not the only beings that walk this earth.

(I Love this Summary: Perfection)

Why I love, adore, this utterly amazing book and hereby give is 4.99999 stars.

 This book is AMAZING! The way the author writes flows. There is the perfect amount of description-not too much or too little. Everything is usually explained to my satisfaction. I was a tad bit confused a couple chapters into the book due to the prologue. ----SPOILER BEWARE!!---- Okay, so this is gonna sound creepyish but I love how Charity's first and second love are related. It's not a weird as it sounds, I swear. You have to read the book to understand what I mean. ----END OF SPOILER---
It was something that I could have imagined happening. It was just a really cool setting, plot, character: everything was just really really cool. I just- I don't just got to me. :)

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Go to to learn more. I got A Chance for Charity for free on amazon kindle a few days ago. It might still be free.

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