Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Luna Lacour and a Giveaway

Hello all you lovely readers! Today, I have a very special treat. Along with the interview with Ms. Lacour, there is a giveaway for TWO ecopies of her debut novel, Star Corssed. I am currently reading this wonderful book, and let me just say now that the writing is beyond GORGEOUS!  Leave a comment in the, well, comments to be entered to win the giveaway along with your email. For an extra entry tweet about the giveaway with the url and leave that with your comment! Good luck!

Onto the interview.

1.       Hello! Thanks so much for joining me over on my blog. Let’s just jump right into the questions. You have a debut!! Star-Crossed. It looks so good and I can’t wait to read it. Where did you get the idea for the book?

I do have a debut! It's very exciting, but also very nerve-wracking. My anxiety has been all over the place.
Star-Crossed was a result of a long-stemmed love and fascination for unconventional/forbidden relationships. It actually took me over a year to complete the outline – it was a real process.
 As for inspiration, there are many nods to classic literature – both in the literal sense (through quotes and character dialogue) and in the overall writing-style of the book. I'm a big fan of symbolism/metaphors/beautiful prose – some of the greats, like Nabokov, Victor Hugo (Marius' name was a nod towards Les Mis) and F. Scott Fitzgerald were definite inspirations.
Also, I've seen a few people draw similarities to Cruel Intentions. While Star-Crossed isn't the same story, there are also some nods to the film. I'd be lying if I said I haven't seen It – I mean, who hasn't?

2.       If you could describe your book in three words, what would they be?

There are consequences.

3.       I love the cover! Can you tell us who designed it?

Thank you! I designed the cover – particularly for this book, as everything involving the cover (from text to imagery/shadowing) is deliberate – I felt more comfortable doing it myself.

4.       Now let’s talk about you. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Either Scotland or Iceland – Japan is high up on my list, too.

5.       Who would your plus one be on this trip?

In my dreams – James Franco. But because this is the real world – my boyfriend, probably. He goes everywhere with me.

6.       If pigs were taking over the world, would you side with them or would your inner Katniss come and rebel?

Oh my God. That sounds horrifying. I almost don't even want to think about something like that happening – I would probably try to rebel. Key word: try.
I'm no Katniss Everdeen, though.

7.       How do you feel about cowboys?
The only cowboys I'm familiar with are Space Cowboys. I'm a big fan of Spike Spiegel.

8.       If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably bread. I just really like bread – any kind, I love it all. That's not weird, is it?
Aside from that...strawberry cheesecake.

9.       Do you have any pets?

Two cats – Loki and Lazarus.

10.   Which character in Star Crossed do you most connect to?

Probably Tyler. His character is one that remains hopeful despite trying circumstances – which I admire. I also feel that if I was in his position (no spoiler) I would have shared some his reactions to the events that go down in the book.

11.   Did you have a playlist in mind when you wrote the book?

Of course! In fact, I have the entire playlist listed on my website:

Music was a huge part of the writing process for me – I'm sure it is for a lot of authors. Bastille, The Smiths, and The Killers were some of the artists I had on repeat.

About the book. . . 

It started with a game - seduce the new teacher.

Eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Laurent is living the American Dream. Born into a wealthy, socialite family with more opulent surroundings and material things than any girl could even fathom, Kaitlyn is the fresh, young face amidst a sea of morally-amiss Manhattan Debutantes. She is educated, poised, and on the outside - entirely virtuous. Her life, in short, is perfect.

Or so it would seem.

Inside the walls of her Upper East Side mansion, Kaitlyn is struggling. After her parents' divorce and her father's remarriage to a beautiful but otherwise utterly vapid woman, Kaitlyn quickly finds herself living in a realm of self-created fantasy, completely detached and entirely clashing with her new family – particularly, her classmate-turned-stepbrother, Marius. Arrogant and with a penchant for playing games, he is intrigued and infatuated by Kaitlyn's faux-chaste outer facade that she uses to cover an otherwise calloused heart.

When the two of them enter into into their final semester at Trinity Prep, and the buzz around campus is that a gorgeous new teacher has set foot in the classroom, Marius makes Kaitlyn a bet: seduce the man who is now her Literature teacher.

If she wins, she gets his trust fund. Money that she can use to finally escape a life that she has come to loathe.

If Marius wins...he gets her virginity.

When an initial spark turns into full-blown obsession, and her affections are inevitably returned – Kaitlyn learns that there are no actions without consequence, and some affairs are simply star-crossed.


Enticing, yes?  *wink wink*

I can see you need more. Here are some of my favorite teaser pictures. 

I hope I've convinced you to read the book. And isn't Ms. Lacour lovely? Don't forget to leave the comment!


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