Monday, May 5, 2014

Wattpad: One Girl's Tale of Addiction

Dear Whoever, 

There’s a really good reason why I deleted my Wattpad account three, short years ago. Wattpad took over my life. THE STORIES! There are so many amazing and undiscovered writers on there and you have the ability to interact with them and read their stories and see them publish their works. But then there are the uncompleted ones that YOU NEED TO BE COMPLETED RIGHT THIS VERY INSATANT OR YOU WILL DIE. There are a lot of those.

Now, it’s happening again. (thanks so much Dana. That was sarcasm) It’s a vicious cycle, I tell you! Do you know how many works I read in the first three days of creating a new account? Eight. Granted that most of them were only about 50 or so pages but still. . . That’s a whole lot man when you do actually have other things to do besides stare at the computer screen all day and compulsively click the ‘next chapter’ button at the bottom of the screen. Seriously y’all. Nothing good is going to come from this except for free books, hot book boyfriends and girl power. I know that sounds awesome but when you need to do school work and, I don’t know, study this sounds like my kryptonite. *sigh*

Wait-you’ve never been on Wattpad? WAIT HOLD ON THERE?! YOU’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT AND YOU THINK I’M MAKING ALL THIS UP? Well, let me give you a Tour de Wattpad. First, you have all the lovely sections to discover new amazing stories such as ‘werewolves’, ‘what’s hot’, ‘teen fiction’, ‘romance’, ect. Then when you see a story you want to read, you download it to your library. 


If you have the app, you can read it anywhere! *even on school wifi! ~bonus~* You can create ‘shelves’ of sorts to organize all the awesomeness. When you read, you can vote on individual chapter and get the awesome people who wrote them up on the lists and make it easier for their stories to be discovered. When reading said awesomeness, make sure you comment with encouragement or (NICE!) critiques. Don’t be mean y’all! Also, tell them if they have grammar mistakes. THEY REALLY DO WANT TO KNOW!
Anyways, are any of y’all self-proclaimed Wattpad addicts, like myself? What do y’all read? Isn’t the ‘What’s Hot’ section the absolute best thing in the freaking entire world?

Here are some of my favorites as of this moment

Do y’all have any recommendations for little ol’ me? *wink wink*


  1. I have gone through this very same thing!
    I was about 15 and had nothing better to do with my life and would basically stay up all night and read. Of course, when there is only a chapter a week coming out, I would have to read like 10 books at a time to keep myself entertained and then I would be addicted to those ten and then I would discover 5 more from the recommendations section....
    It's safe to say I was addicted as well.
    I deleted it and went through a withdrawal period and have now been clean for 4ish years.
    But seriously, everyone needs to read "I'm a supermodel in a boys boarding school" and "The Billion Dollar Girl."

    1. I am totally gonna check those out. But seriously man, I am wayyyy behind on reviews.
      Happy reading