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#Interview with Sue Duff: Let's talk about Mardi Gras and Saving the World

Hello there my lovelies! Do I have a treat for you!. Sue Duff, the author of Masks and Mirrors and Fade to Black is here to tell y'all a bit about herself and a bit about her books.

Let's just imagine we're on top of the world having a tea party and talking. . .

So, I know Mardi Gras was in February. Let's say you were going though- what color(s) would your mask be? What would it look like?
            It’s ironic that this is your first question! In Masks and Mirrors, there is a “Mardi Gras” themed charity ball where my protagonist, Ian, is scheduled to perform. He has his costume designer create a gown, complete with mask, for his one true love, Rayne, so she can attend. It’s designed with peacock feathers (to know why, you’ll have to read the book) with iridescent blues and greens. Rayne’s gown and mask would absolutely be my choice!

For the book- is there a playlist? Whenever I read, I always hear music in my head- do you do that too?
            Sometimes I listen to music to help me break out of writing slumps, or if I’m struggling with imagining scenes. This is especially true when I create and write Ian’s performances. Upbeat and lively for some of his acts, but slower and more brooding for dramatic scenes. I love to listen to a wide variety of music from Maroon 5 to PitBull or Usher, to some of Seal’s older work. I’m all over the place. I especially love Latin guitar music. It warms my blood. I often listen to that when I write love/sex scenes. I especially enjoy listening to Kelly Clarkson’s single, “Dark Side.” It could have been written as the theme music for Ian and Rayne, my tragic lovers.

Okay, one food for the rest of your life. What is it?
French Fries, hands down. I get god-awful cravings for them and sometimes will pull into a fast food establishment just to pick them up, and nothing else. When healthy thoughts kick in, I’ll make my homemade, baked sweet potato fries with a touch of honey and kosher salt. Yum!

If the world was taken over by mythical creatures tomorrow, who's side would you take? The humans or the creatures?
            Huh, I’m not sure I have enough details to make that call. I like to see myself as heroic and would defend the human race, but to be honest, if the mythical creatures had the best interest of the planet and mankind in mind, I might fight alongside them. I’m all about change, although I know that can bring good and bad. As my series progresses, that’s what happens to the planet and to my characters. I don’t believe we ever stop growing and developing. Being open to change is key to that. Of course, it might depend on who has the best, kick-ass weapons or powers!

Let's talk about your book some more. Let's talk about love. And romance. How much is there and what can we expect?
            My series isn’t an actual romance, but I can’t leave it out of anything I write! The underbelly of the series is layered with it. One of my favorite lines from the first book, is “love is what feeds the earth.” I honestly believe that. Heck, listen to most songs, watch TV or movies, or check out advertising across the world! Ian and Rayne (spoiler alert if you haven’t read Fade to Black, Book One) can’t touch. It not only builds angst, but something exhilarating and forbidden at the same time. They (and I) have to get creative about finding a way to be intimate. It’s been a challenge for me as a writer, and a woman, to define what that means. Hopefully, others can connect with what I’ve come up with.

Choose a character from your book you'd want to be.

            This is the toughest question of all! Every one of my primary characters has at least a piece of me. Milo loves to cook, teach and care for others. Patrick is the common man with a superhero desire. It took personal tragedy for Jaered to discover his strength and convictions. Ian and Rayne are victims of how they came to be and disappointments with how they turned out. Yet they find a way to rise above and be heroic. If I had to choose just one of them, it would be Patrick. His humor and outlook on life are closest to mine and I would LOVE to hang with a superhero best friend. I guess I was born to be the “sidekick.”

Sue has been writing since high school but never became serious about it until a skiing accident laid her up for an entire summer and she turned on the word processor to combat the boredom. A couple years later, her first urban fantasy novel, Fade to Black, was a finalist in the RMFW Colorado Gold Writing Contest. By day, she’s a dedicated speech-language therapist in an inner city school district to pay the bills but her life as a writer is her true passion and the creative outlet keeps her sane.

Sue is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and The Pikes Peak Writers. Her creativity extends into her garden and the culinary arts. She is the second oldest of six girls with an avid reader mom and her dad, the family’s single drop of testosterone in a sea of estrogen. Fate thought it hilarious to give her a son but maternal instincts swing both ways and she didn’t break the little bugger. She lives in Colorado with her miniature dachshund, Snickers and hears from her son, Jonathan whenever he needs something.

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