Saturday, June 20, 2015

Book Review: The Perfect Bargain by Julia London

The Perfect Bargain by Julia London
eGalley via Entangled Publishing
Amazon // Goodreads

American lass seeks brawny Scot...

As if being newly single isn’t brutal enough, Sloane Chatfield's friends are getting obnoxious about setting her up. When Sloane insists she's waiting for a certain sexy fictional Highlander to come along, her friends surprise her with a trip to Scotland to find her a new boyfriend. She’d rather have a root canal. But if she can find a Highland hunk to “break her heart” before her friends arrive…

In a remote Highland village, Galen Buchanan is struggling to keep the family pub afloat. Everything is falling apart, he’s running out of money, and now there's an opinionated American lass parked at his best table, driving him mad. But then Sloane asks Galen to be her pretend Highland boyfriend...and offers him enough money to save the pub. It’s only for a few days, he figures. What's the worst that could happen? 

Hey there all you lads and lassies! Looking for a short and sweet novel with a modern, real-life, kilt-sporting Jamie Fraser? Want an asshat of an ex, spontaneous romantic proclamations of undying love and a good old dose of the Highlands? Well, you are so very much in the perfect place! Julie London's novel The Perfect Bargain had me giggling and swooning, as well as had the feminist in me cheering (and wanting to punch said ex in the face because hard-working is not cold) on our couple: Chicago born Sloane and pub owning Galen.

Before I go on, let's have a quick moment dedicated to swooning over his name. *swoon*

Okay. I'm finished. For now.

I got an email from Entangled with the opportunity to review this one. This is totally not my usual dabbling is YA or New Adult--or even the occasional Women's Fiction. I'll be honest right now. I didn't realize how very much I needed a break from my hard core cry / swoon / rant-tastic ships. But I needed one. So very badly. And this book was the perfect book for the calm before the storm read. Which you'll learn about the storm later. There will be a rant.

The Perfect Bargain is just so refreshing. You have Sloane, who just got dumped by her ex in the worst way. She goes on a trip to take a sort of break. One thing you learn about her right off the bad is she is a good person. A dedicated person. The fact that what happened to her did indeed happen to her made me angry. But, good lord, did she take in in stride. I know her friends called her a recluse after it all (and honestly, who wouldn't be?) but instead of sulking she did her work. And her work benefits those who need someone to fight for them. And if that doesn't make her a strong character, then what in the world does? I thought she was admirable.

But then you also have Galen. He's sweet and sexy. Also a little sexist in a are-you-joking-or-not kind of way. So although I love him (really, I do) I have a few questions about his view on women. Of course, you also have the final scene of the book where I have to give him major props. I do have issues with him though. However, I'm sure that Sloane will put him in his place.

Sweet, adorable and oh so very delightful, I honestly can't recommend this book enough for those who need something lacking super heavy themes.


  1. This isn't my usual read but I'm kind of being won over by the cover, the swoon worthy name and your great review. Maybe I need to finally give a Julian Landon book a try. I think Galen would bug me a little big... okay, A LOT! I don't handle sexist characters very well. Great review :)

    1. You'll looove the main girl, but Galen...Ehm. He and I have a few issues. But overall, it's a solid, cute, short read! Enjoy :D