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New Adult Realistic Fictions to Swoon Over

 Let's chat about swoon.
Is that book worth a swoon?

(Let's just pretend the header says worthy. Mostly because I like how it looks and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it. Tee hee hee.)

We all love it. Not the ista-love, but more of the oh yes, that really did just happen, and the sweet lordy, imma just grab me a cool glass of water while I find some hot guy to fan me and feed me grapes and of course there is also the dang, that man sure has a way with words. 

Lately, I've been on the New Adult binge reading read-a-thon. It consists basically of me, myself and I. We're all a pretty good group of gals who rather adore our swoon worthy males.

In this post, I'll give you the TOP FOUR swoony boys of the 2015 year that have now made it to my 'read' bookshelf. An impressive feat in itself. Along with their profiles and swoony quotes, I'll show you the book they like to call home. (but wouldn't it be flipping awesome if they'd visit the real world a bit and strut their stuff?)

- - - -

Man Numero 1: Liam Wilder

Sex on steroids rolled in pastry crust

Ladies and gentlemen, how do you feel about soccer players? Wait- how do you feel about reformed bad boys with killer abs and a way with words? Like, the kids of words that turn your insides to goop. Liam has an ego the size of Mount Everest, is competitive, sweet, totally endearing and actually tries to resist the love of his life. *fans self*

More than peanut M&Ms.

This story was wonderful because it's not you typical coach/ player story. Nope. These two are all grown up and there are consquences, whether they be 'before' or 'after' (and no those two words don't mean what you are thinking they mean. and why yes I can reads minds).

Man Numero 2: Vincent Youngblood

For over a decade, I’d been comparing every kiss I ever shared with a man to the lone kiss Vin gave me.

World, say hello to Vin. Vincent Youngblood. Carny. Tall person. So tall that I could wear heels and he'd still be taller than me. Kisser extraordinaire. Soul mate to Charlotte. So very compassionate and forgiving and sweet and understanding and lovely and maybe just a little (lot) bit perfect.

Some people live their whole lives wondering about their first love-that person who held their heart when they were young….We got a second chance, and not everyone can say that.

Vin and his carnival stole my heart. The story is that of hope and faith and finding your voice. It's also a little bit of redemption thrown in for good measure.

Do you want a book worth a swoon? Then Brooke Moss' The Carny is totally for you. Pinky promise.

Man #3 : Dingane (Ian) Aberdeen

You're right but with extreme suffering, there is extreme happiness. With extreme earth there is extreme beauty.

Hello. Hi. *stutters* *trips* *attempts to flutter eyelashes*

This is Ian, y'all. He's strong and has a past close to that of out main girl's. Her name is Sophie Price and of the seven deadly, her sin in vanity. And she comes with it it truck loads. But she leaves with dignity and compassion and (maybe) Ian.

Your heart is startling beautiful, Sophie.

Who is Ian exactly? He's a savior and a sinner and a redeemed and a redeemer. He's a saint and a man. And really hot man who tries his hardest to resist Sophie. I mean he kills the gross bugs for her. And there are a whole bunch of them in that shower in Africa. *shudders* I mean, who would want to have giant, face-sized spiders lurking by the shower drain? No one. That's who.

Tell him he was my greatest adventure. Tell him I love him.

I love him. And his words. And his hope. And his face.  Want to help impoverished Ugandans?

The Tale of The Men: Daniel Daniels and Tony

I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine, and I hate that we can't be us. Because I think we were meant to be us.

Tony is the code name. Daniels Daniels is not. Daniel sewed my heart back together. Tony tore it out. And everything in-between was gorgeous. Ashley and Daniel can't be together: 19 and 22, student and teacher.

I love you because I was born to do so.

Their love is the unconditional kind. God, I know that sounds like I'm some idealist. That's not really a bad thing though is it? I'm a hopeless romantic. That's not a bad thing either. As a matter of fact, I'd go as far as to say that this world needs a good handful more of those kinds of people: the hopeless and the romantic.

Like everything you loved was set on fire and you couldn't walk away until you watched it all burn to ashes. All I wanted to do was hug you.

Let's talk about Tony. He who's name won't be revealed until you read the book. Tony is my favorite character. He's also a hopeless romantic. But, the problem is, he really is without hope. His mom is stab-worthy and his father is understanding but with the angels. Oh Lord, here come the water works. Yup. He made me cry. Tony made me cry. And maybe I won't ever stop crying. I hope he finds his Tony.

The stars exploded and I was born. Please call me Tony.

- - - - 

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