Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So I'm Getting Published (Like, I'm For Real, Y'all)


I don't know if you follow me on twitter, I mean, I hope so. And if you do and I don't already chat with, say hi or wave or something. I promise I am not avoiding contact with you. Oh wow. Where did that sentence go? ANYWAYS. WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY IS: I don't know if you follow me on twitter, but I've been talking a bunch about how my friend and I are getting a children's book published by FIN Press.

This is a small, local publishing house that we were introduced to earlier in the year with the hope that we could find someone who knows the ins and outs of the actual publication process more than we do. AND WE SUCCEEDED, Y'ALL. We really did.

*takes a huge breath*

It's going to be a relatively small project (but I hope all of you will at least look at the summary and maybe share it's link or something!) because this is a part of getting my diploma for IB. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a part of my high school curriculum sort of like AP. But we have to choose a project for CAS (creativity, action service) and our project is to publish a children's book and donate ALL OF THE PROCEEDS to either the American Heart Association or the Children's Heart Foundation.

That means neither one of us is actually getting any money off of and of the books, and all of it is a donation. Which I think is kind of awesome. I mean, when you buy one (and I hope you will *puppy dog eyes*) you're getting a super cute book that you can either keep or donate to your local library, hospital, doctor's office, dentist office--even your kid's library! 

As you may have guessed, out project is one of the more unique ones. *chuckles*


So I suppose you're a bit curious about what this book actually is about.

It's basically about this little boy and his discovery of his heart defect and his acceptance of it. And it's a whole lot of adorable, if I do say so myself. And I totally do.

I illustrated the children's book, and my friend wrote the script for the book.



When is this lovely sounding book for a good cause going to be live? And where can I get me one? AND what are some places you think would be an awesome place to donate to?

Wow, ma'am. That's a lotta questions! Good thing I have answers.

This book is going to be live and hot for the buying in November-December of this year (2015). Soon, right? The wonders of a small publishing house! It's great. *grins*

And as for buying, you'll see the book on FIN's website as well as on Lulu's when you're ready to have a copy. They'll retail for 14-15 USD. Good price and good book. What do (lala-dee-dee-do) you know? Awesome, right?

Lastly, donating. I think it would be super sweet if there was a copy in libraries everywhere. School libraries, local libraries. Maybe women's shelters would be a nice place to donate. Classrooms. A lot of teacher's have their own libraries in their classes. A lot of those said libraries need books. What about donating this one?


  1. Oh my goodness Jackie! This book sounds fantastic!!!! Congratulations on succeeding in publishing the book. I love the story concept.

  2. Congratulations! How utterly wonderful. Cannot wait to see the finished project. <3

    1. Eeeks! I'm so excited for y'all to see it!

  3. Oh my goodness! Hooray, congratulations!!!

  4. congrats on the publication... can't wait to see it!