Monday, June 27, 2016

Bring on the Bad Boys || A Conversation

It is indisputable that there is a certain allure to bad boys—hell this point was brought up on the first episode of Jojo’s Bachelorette season. What is it about the down and dirty (and I mean dirty talking, motorcycle driving, boys you don’t being home to your mama) men that have us squirming in our seats? Besides that, what is the difference between the ‘bad boys’ and the Bad Boys?

(did you notice how I capitalized the second offender?)

I like to think of the ‘bad boys’ in a way that parallels that breed of male-ness to broken puppies. They’ve got big eyes that you can just fall into, and you want to fix them. These ‘bad boys’ are the ones that can be fixed. There’s not something at their core that makes your soul shudder just a little bit, when you get too close to them. They often come in the form of (but not limited to) motorcyclists who just happen to be rolling into town, bootleggers with a heart of gold, teenagers who’ve got their boxers in a twist, and the occasional cheating with the best friend boyfriend (who, no, you’re not allowed to casually back over with your daddy’s pick-up). Of course there’s a ‘bad boy’ who will always and forever be close to my heart.

His name is Rhys. And he’s a rant for another time. I could write a two-thousand-word essay on his wings.

*clears throat*

The Bad Boys on the other hand (I’m waggling my eyebrows in case you can’t see), well sugar, they’re a different story all together. They’re the bad to the bone boys. Think irredeemable. The first one that comes to mind to me is The Darkling. He’s evil in the murderous kind of way. He’s what makes the world that Leigh Bardugo creates so beautiful, dark, glittering, and unforgiving. His rage and desire for power makes the people is their society both desolate and incredibly rebellious.

Then I also think of Lo-Melkhiin, when I think of Bad Boys. He’s also rather murderous. Fond of fires and swords, these are two of the most swoon-worthy evil guys out there, in my personal opinion. (which I like to think is right more often than not) The Bad Boys are frequently found in fantasy novel, a place where there are not actual bounds to their evil-doing because literally anything is possible. (mwahahahaha) This, not that I think about it, is probably why fantasy is one of my favorite genres.

So there we have it: the distinction between ‘bad boys’ and Bad Boys. Which one is your favorite? Or—who is your favorite?

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