Thursday, November 24, 2016

Things I've Found Since This Whole College Thing

Gah. I love this picture. I mean really. This is the aesthetic I dream of being my aesthetic. Let's just replace the cappuccino with an americano and BABE WE ARE SET.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow United States Residents! I just love the fact that we choose to write out all the hella nasty things we did to the Natives in favor of recognizing that these folks went out of their way to make sure everyone (Native and New Folks alike) didn't all die a short, painful, hunger and disease induced death. Conquering 'new' land is always such an ethical adventure, isn't it? But, hey! Now we have turkey and mashed potatoes and dressing to eat on this fall-ish day of the year.

All of that is a rant for another time, though. And don't kid yourself- there will be a rant.

Onto the more cheery things!

I've found out a few things since this college adventure thing. While I'm not totally wreaking havoc like the pilgrims did, I am trying to figure out how to live in this new environment. Sometimes that means asking RAs or my friends for help. Sometimes that means (GASP) leaving my cozy dorm room. To bring myself comfort, I've indulged a bit.

Here are a few things that I've learned to love since coming to Houston.

P O D C A S T S 

Y'ALL. Have you listened to the STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW podcast on Spotify? It is actually one of my favorite things ever. These dudes get my sense of humor and let me explore my own curiosity. Want to know The Satanic Panic in the 80s? About Lizzie Borden? Gossip? The Voynich Manuscript?

This is your one stop shop.

C O O K I E B U T T E R 

Who freaking knew this stuff is so dang delicious/addicting? I can't keep it in my room on account of having finished a jar of it in two weeks flat. I had only a spoon. Yummy.


I'm pretty sure that my roommates think I'm super strange, but I'm searching for an emotional connection to this city. I miss my home. The food and the square and the familiarity. I like knowing where everything is and what is new and when things are opening and closing and that feeling of comfort. My wandering the indie coffee shops of Houston helps me find myself a bit. I'll walk in an look at the menu-pretend that I'll order something other than an americano- and sit down and just stare out windows.

Two that I'm totally in love with are Toute Suite and EQ Heights. Gorgeous.

This is how I find my place in this vast city.


New, old, whatever. I love these gorgeous humans who've helped me find my footing. To my roomies: let's go on more color wall and coffee shop adventures. Let's take a trip to Galveston. To my life humans: dear lord I love y'all more than I can possibly say. I don't know where to begin. I suppose y'all are all kind of stuck with me.


Awh, the last two are so cheesy. I'm grateful for the calls and the texts and the pictures sent of my pets. Also for letting me wander a bit. Hopefully it's not in circles.


So, my lovely, lovely humans: what are you grateful for?

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