Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flying Isn't Only for the Birds || A Book List

As your resident dark lipstick-wearing, occasional world-dominating, intersectionally inclined feminist with a craving for French pastries 24/7, I feel like I may know a thing or two about dragons and other fantastical beasts with wings.

You: Where did this knowledge come from, oh great one?

I could get used to being regarded as a higher being. That aside, the information came to me in a dream. Or maybe it’s come from improving my mind through extensive reading. *insert laugh track here*

Oh, you’re too kind. Really.

With all this talk about what makes a good dragon (fire-breathing ability, flying techniques, proneness to the occasional brutality) I feel like throwing my two cents into the bucket may be something of a fun time. Dragons, gargoyles, angelic beings, the Fair Folk all have this flying ability in books. (though, for the Fair Folk, this is not always true) So this along with my feeling of nostalgia has lead me to create this list.

(left to right)

What do we have here, folks? 

That's right: gargoyles, gargoyles, faeries, dragons, and more dragons. 

ACROPOLIS by R. K. Ryals has gargoyles and mystique for days. Emma is discovering her place among these mythical beasts. One of them is acting as her Protector. This boy has messed with the rules a bit too much, and Emma as his assignment is his punishment. 

Key traits: brave, ferocious, unforgiving

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WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L. Armentrout also has gargoyles. This book is considered New Adult. All the other ones on this lovely little post are Young Adult. In this book, there's a gray area between good and evil. While this obviously is something that is present is the vast majority of novels/people, it's nice to see gargoyles struggle with their conscious. When our main lady has her faith in her family put to the test...

Key traits: flawed, winged

THE FALCONER by Elizabeth May is filled to the edge with fearsome Victorian steampunk faeries. Think sharp teeth, delight in violence, and mechanical beings wrapped in the allure of magic. 

That high-pitched squealing you hear? That is me shrieking with excitement. Last week I dowloaded the last book in the series. I cannot coherently convey my anticipation to you, my darling. 

Key traits: Until death do we part aura, unfeeling, brutal, will melt even the coldest of hearts

FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan is all dragons and fire-breathing badassery all the time. I honestly don't remember a whole lot about this book (SORRY!) because I read it in 2012. Woah that was a long time ago. I do remember that I loved it so much that I immediately attained the next published book in the series. SO YAY DRAGONS. 

Key traits: ???

WINGS OF ARIAN by Devri Walls is pure freaking magic. One of my favorite series of all time (the third one is my favorite) and featuring a talking dragon who is both hilarious and insightful. This dragon is a part of the team. 

Key traits: loyalty, friendship, knowledge, flying

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SO Y'ALL. Do the right thing and add them to your TBR as fast as your fingers can fly. 

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