Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What to Buy to Achieve the Ideal Aesthetic || #WICKEDLIKEAWILDFIRE

I'm not even going to pretend I'm not listening to my smooth R&B playlist while writing excuse the array of velvet, lace, soft things, and yummy scents that will be found in this article. Though, quite frankly, all of those things are basically my entire Real Life life. Plus dark-as-my-soul lipstick.

*hums come through and chill horribly*

I'll add some lipstick to the list too. I have great taste in makeup, if I do say so myself.


I just finished a gorgeous whimsey of a book. It's called Wicked Like a Wildfire by the ever lovely Lana Popovic and I'm in love. The main characters are bi-racial. The best friends are of Traveler descent. And the entire book is flush to the brim with magic.

Y'all know how I love magic. Where is my rose quartz rock and dried sage when I need them? Because this book certainly got me in all kinds of an apothecary mood. *swoons* My ideal aesthetic, honestly.

Love this aesthetic too? Well, lovely, I'm here to help you achieve this even more so than you've ever dreamt.


Magic Hour Etsy // Small, $20
REVOLUTION: All of the profits from this delight of a scent go to a social justice organization. Literally, what could be better? Get your aura in check and help the world. I think hell yes. 
DREAM: Ain't no rest for the wicked...but even the wicked need to catch themselves a couple hours of beauty sleep now and again. This scent helps to promote juuuust that. Light it and let the smell fill your bedroom before you're off to bed. Just remember to blow it out before you get too comfortable!

Urban Outfitters // Various Things, Various Prices
Incense Brick Set: Set of 40 + a brick stand = $7
Amber OR Sage OR Rose Incense Stick Set: Set of 50 = $12
Gourmand Candle: Pistachio Brulee


(and uses)

Sandalwood: calming, anti-inflammatory / 
Peppermint: mental alertness / apply right above one's upper lip to help alleviate sinus pressure 
Rosemary: anti-bacterial / put in a diffuser to clean the air of various harmful bacterias 
Lavender: mentally soothing
Tea Tree Oil: anti-bacterial, physically soothing / 

Urban Outfitters // Petal Multi-Use Oil, $28
Daughters of the Land // Face and Body Oil, $48
Begemont + Spice



WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE by nobentspines featuring lace-up boots

Ah, the sweet embrace of tulle and leather and matte lipstick and a suede clutch. I can just feel myself tromping through a lush green forest in this get-up. Hopefully it's a nice and toasty forest. Or I've acquired some magic power that'll let me tote a stove around with me as a venture forth. 

Hopefully y'all are able to stay a bit warmer than myself. 


Kat Von D // $12
Plan 9, Poe, Slayer, Nayeon
ColourPop // $5

I'm just going to leave y'all with these two loves of my life. I have a super terrible and wallet consuming lipstick obsession. 

For me to actually make a list of would go on for a while. To say the least. It's bad y'all. Real bad. 



Now that we've got all that out of the way, grab yourself some string lights and throw them around your bedroom. Invest in a floor pillow or two. Get a fun, printed carpet. Get plants and throw all your loose leaf teas into mason jars. 

Get plants that grow legs and hang them from the ceiling. Tape dried out flowers to your walls. Close the curtains and sit on your bed with the music loud. Feel everything all at once. 

And, there you go. You're the ideal aesthetic. 

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