Friday, March 2, 2018


#Currently Listening To

  • I am SO in love with Spotify's "I'm With the Banned" playlists. It features artists from various countries that the USA has proposed putting a travel ban on/ has put a travel ban on. I'm discovering new music, new people, re-igniting my rampant political fury, and supporting people from across oceans. From them, I really love the collaboration with BJ The Chicago Kid and Sufyvn. They sound incredible together. 

#Currently Reading

  • School has got me swamped with required reading. Luckily I like a lot of what is being assigned! I just finished some literature from Hume, and Audre Lorde. Right now, I'm picking up Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice as well as poems from Elizabeth Bishop. I'll link a couple more things that I've read these past couple months for y'all to haunt. 

Elizabeth Bishop, "Chemin De Fer"
Audre Lorde, "Love Poem"
Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own

#Currently Eating

  • So I've just recently discovered the cheap (under $3!!) and yummy spinach tortellini from Trader Joe's thanks to a Refinery29 article. I'm going to use a couple packs of it it in a recipie I found on Pinterest. I'll keep y'all updated on how it goes! 
  • Last week I also had pasta as my main dish. What can I say? Carbs are my favorite and I'm carbs' favorite too. It was this pepper, tomato and cheese pasta that was so easy. It took literally less than 30 minuets to make, and when I'm hungry that little of time between when I start cooking and when I start eating is a God send. 
  • I recently just went to a couple new placed in sessions, various bites to eat and such. Either way, if you're ever in town check out these places: Cyclone Anaya's, Snooze, Antidote

#Currently Wearing

  • I'm trying to summon warmer weather with jean skirts, but keeping it reasonable with my favorite (and only) hoodie. I'd link them, but neither are for sale anymore. This is the closest I can find for the sweatshirt, and this is the closest I can find for the jean skirt

#Currently Working On

  • Intersectionalities Essays! Our first 'big' paper is coming up for my Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class. I'm writing an analysis over the poet Gwendolyn Brooks and how her poetry reflects her political life. So far I'm about 200 words over the limit and editing it with purple pens. (super sharp-tipped pens are my favorite)
  • Getting an internship. Between getting emails from UH, texts from my mom and aunt, and my own browsing on Twitter and The Muse...well let's just go with there's plenty to apply for. My majors are Public Relations and WGSS so finding something that fits both is actually a lot of fun to search for! Amazon, the World Health Organization, and various smaller non-profits are my main place to shove my resume and a few cover letters at. 

What's your currently list looking like? Got anything good going on? Anything you're looking forward to? And good books, good music to recommend? 

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