Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Star Books

Darkness Comes This Way (The Guardians of the Night #1)

Rating: 4 Stars
Me: Yeah! Woop woop!!!
This felt like 150 pages....took me an hour to finish....Super easy and entertaining read.. 

 Running Barefoot  Rating: 4 Stars
Me : Was nothing short of perfection

A Strange Fire (Florence Vaine, #1)

 Rating: 4 Stars
Me:Okay so this had an amazing and mind blowing plot...I just didn't like the names...Flo and Frank
When I think Flo I think of a waitress in a blue dress with a red beehive and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth....and that's not this Flo at all....Not at all.....So yeah
But the romance was amazing.(:

Struck (Struck, #1)  Rating: 4 Stars  Me: Was super amazing but I would've liked a little more romance.
The Whole 'Prophet' thing reminded me of the Church of Angles in Angel Fire/Angle Burn  

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