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Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins
Paperback, 383 pages
Published June 26th 2012 by Harlequin Teen
ISBN: 037321054X (ISBN13: 9780373210541)
He's Amish. She's not. Being together should be impossible.
Your heart misleads you.
That's what my friends and family say.

But I love Noah.
And he loves me.

We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadow view, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other's arms.

It should be


forever, easy.

But it won't be.

Because he's Amish.
And I'm not.
Rating: 4  Stars
What I think:
 Characters: I thought overall they were really well developed. Noah: he's 18 and has his whole life basically already made for him. Ranging from who he'll be, his job, his religion and the way he'll live his life. Then he meets Rose. Rose is the average girl. She's a 16 year- old girl with big dreams. She's a passionate dancer with two brothers, one older and one younger, and caring father. But they all just lost both a mother and a wife. That's why Rose's father changed from a hectic life to a some-what less crazy one. They meet each other and it's like the stars align. But there's a huge milestone. Noah Amish and Rose is not. I loved how they met-through their common love of horses they were able to really connect. They were both extremely naive to the ways to the other's world to a point to where I found it amusing. I found it really interesting how the author's portrayed both of the father's. They were both fiercely protective in their own way but they always held their families best interest at heart.

“I'd never reacted to a girl this way before. My body was on fire when I was around Rose, and when I wasn't with her, all I did was think about her. Today had been the longest day of my life, dragging on forever until it was finally time to go meet her in the field.”- Noah
Setting: I like how the setting was out of the way. It was during summer-or at least I assume since school was only mentioned once in passing. The Amish community as a whole was really kind and accepting to their new 'English' neighbors. I though it was sweet. But, of course, there is always gonna be some one I just wanna smack up side the head. Over all I thought the author portrayed it nicely. 
Romance: Well done. I applaud you. It was realistic. How often do author's make a book like this with true ideals set out. Both of them (Noah and Rose) had never been kissed so they were each other's firsts which I found kinda adorable. No more details. Oh and I liked how they weren't trampy.
 “It was strange how in that moment of tragedy, it had seemed so unreal, like an old-fashioned movie reel playing on a screen for my eyes only. The pain and broken heart were blocked off for a little while, leaving me numb with disbelief. Shock is what Dad called it. But after a while, the cruel reality started to seep into my tissues, and my body became a sponge, just sucking it all up until, finally, there was so much grief inside, I couldn't help feeling it.
That's how it happened for me. First, the numbness right after she died, next the agonising pain and then the place I was at now—the land of perpetual depression.”- Rose
Just My Thoughts: Okay so if I was told I had to make the choice of leaving my family, my life everything I knew and loved, my friends, my possessions, everything to be with the guy I was head over heels in love with or stay with my family and have everything I knew and loved but not the guy..... I just don't think I could do it. I don't think I would go. I mean......I would move on eventually....right? But....okay let's just say hypothetically I was 16 and the guy was 18, like Rose and Noah, I would still be living next to him. I would still see him everyday. I would not be able to have contact with him. I would see him and his wife everyday until I moved out.....I don't know. I think I would be able to live without the guy but I don't think I would be able to live without my friends and family. I just don't think I could. But that's just me.
 End Points:
Say Yes to the
Read book two:



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