Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rippler by Cindey Swanson

Rippler (Ripple, #1)Kindle Edition, 288 pages
Published June 15th 2011 by Williams Press (first published May 26th 2011)
Rating: 3 Stars

Samantha Ruiz has a freak gene that makes her turn invisible, or ripple. She can’t control it, and it’s getting worse. Afraid of becoming a lab-rat, Sam keeps her ability secret, until fellow runner Will Baker sees her vanish into thin air. Will promises secrecy and help, and Sam begins to fall in love.

Together, the two discover there are worse things than being a scientific curiosity. Someone’s been killing people who possess Sam's gene. A mysterious man from France sends letters that offer hope for safety, but also reveal a sinister connection with Nazi experiments.

The more time Sam spends with Will, the less she can imagine life without him. When Sam uncovers secrets from her past, she must choose between keeping Will in her life or keeping Will safe.
Ugh, all this sexual tension oozing from the kindle screen is smothering me. Honestly, I just wanted to shove their faces together the entire book(yes, I forget both of their names. be quiet)
“For the record, chocolate’s a pretty decent antidote for unrequited love.”
 This-I can honestly say- is not what I was expecting at all. At. All. I expected some sort of mermaid vanishing act but nooooo. The author made what they could do into a disease: Rippler's. Hence, the title of the book. (Light bulb Moment)
The scientist sister was my one of my favorite characters in the book, coming in right after the main girl and guy.
The use of description in this book was really well distributed, if you know what I mean. You don't? Okay, well you know how some book describe every single detail. Leaving nothing at all for the imagination. That annoys the crap out of me. Grrrrr
The things that triggers Rippler's was all the calming, happy stuff (which I found really cool)
Uhm. Okay I loved how the death of her mother and friend was incorporated into the overall syndrome. Don't know what I mean? No? It's okay, I didn't expect you to. *whisper: you should probably read the book and see what I mean*
Hehe. Walking through walls
Gwyn (is that how its spelled) I felt like she betrayed her even though, if I were her, I probably would have done the same thing. This is a series, so I guess we'll see how that turns out. Maybe.
The only thing that annoyed me really was the ending. It wasn't bad, it was just unfinished. It didn't make me want to read the next one. It felt like an unfinished finish. 
 “Then like gravity, or maybe like magnets, our lips met again because they had to. And in that touch it felt like I was buried treasure he’d crossed seven seas to claim. I couldn’t feel the edges of my own body anymore; I was melting into his.”
 See that quote above? Yeah as soon as they kissed she went poof which I found hilarious. Serious, I almost peed my pants laughing. 


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