Monday, August 12, 2013

Witchling Book Tour + Giveaway

Kindle Edition, 244 pages
Published November 29th 2012 by Lycaon Press 
Nera is a normal teenage girl living in Ireland, or so she thought until she discovers the family secret.. now her world is forever changed.

Descended from a long line of witches, she discovers she is the one who has to stop the curse that has taken the life of every girl before her.

And if that isn't enough, she must learn to use magic from the man called Bones. He is the son of Mari, Queen of the Witches...and a god. It is Bones who has been entrusted to teach her the skills she needs to stay alive, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have an uncanny knack for pushing her buttons.

Can Nera succeed and resist the charms of the man who gets under her skin at every opportunity?

I love this book. 3.5? Yeah, that seems like a reasonable rating. Nera is a girl who is used to getting what she wants. She lives a pretty average high school life-one where that chemistry test is the thing you fear the most. So when her uncle tells her she's gonna have to save the world or everything is going to go horribly wrong, oh yeah, and that she's a witch, she might have freaked out. And be in denial. Just a little. Hey, but she's got Bones, a really hot and powerful protector. If only he wasn't just so annoying...

Now if she can just make it to finals....

She has great friends, the embrace the witch and deal with the word that rhymes with witch in her. Yes that one. Nera has a  tempter, is a bit childish and sometimes she is just plain mean. Some things you just don't say. She says all of them.

 One of my majorrr complaints is she doesn't grow at all in this book. At all. Bones really isn't that bad. He's super helpful and wants to keep her safe. I mean it's his job. Nera, is indeed, a brat. BUT HER BABY BROTHER IS SO ADORABLE. 

I mean he comes to her.......from the future. 

Plus, the ending is amazing. 

Okay, so the whole book is about preparing for the ultimate fight.  (and then that other thing I can't tell you about) But when they do actually 'fight' is like 2 pages on my Kindle. What is this?

So do I recommend it? Uhm, yes. More Bones, please. 





  1. Good review. Thanks for participating :)

  2. Sounds like it could be an interesting book. I'll have to keep an eye for it! Thanks for sharing your review.

    Laureen @ Ms. Bibliophile.

    1. It was interesting and worth reading....even if I didn't like the characters until the end xD
      Happy reading

  3. Jackie I featured Ari Harper on my blog for this tour, this book looks really exciting, love the cover :) Looking forward to reading it :D

    1. The cover is what initially drew me to this book!!!
      Happy reading (: