Thursday, November 14, 2013

Embrace Blog Tour {Trouble Comes Knocking Playlist}

Welcome!!! *looks around the room* Welcome to this fabulous event that is not once in a lifetime! Hello there. Can I have a member from the audience to assist me? You! Yes you looking at either your phone screen or computer screen! Read along to learn more!

Trouble Comes Knocking by Mary Duncanson


It’s hard not to answer when trouble comes knocking.

A girl who can’t forget…

Twenty-two-year-old Lucy Carver is like Sherlock Holmes in ballet flats, but her eidetic memory is more albatross than asset, and something she usually keeps hidden. When she notices that something’s amiss at her dead-end job, she jumps at the chance to finally use her ability for good. That is, until, a man is murdered, and she becomes the target of the killer.

A detective on his first case…

Detective Eli Reyes is overbearing, pompous, way too hot for Lucy’s own good, and seems as determined to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend, John, as finding the murderer. He brings Lucy in on the case, thinking she can help him get to the truth, only to cut her loose when he realizes he’s gotten far more than he ever bargained for.

A past that won’t go away…

When memories from her childhood invade her present, Lucy discovers a mystery bigger than she could have imagined. With the killer still after her, and Eli nowhere to be found, she takes things into her own hands, determined to expose the truth no matter what—before trouble comes knocking…again.

Playlist of Awesome 

Wake Up – Arcade Fire
You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse
Demons – Imagine Dragons
Be Calm – Fun.
Love Save the Empty – Erin McCarley
I Wonder - Rodriguez
Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
Blood of the Rose – The Dear Hunter
Come Round Soon – Sara Bareilles
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl – Good Charlotte
Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Where I stood – Missy Higgins
Black Sheep – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics
A Change is Gonna Come – Seal
The Shadow of the Day – Linkin Park
Smack – 3 Doors Down
Home – Phillip Phillips
I Didn’t Know – Alex Lambert
Beat the Devil’s Tattoo - BRMC
Not Afraid – Eminem
High Heel Leather Boots – Baby Bee
Falling Apart – Zebrahead
Under Cover of Darkness – The Strokes
You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

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  1. Thank you, Jackie!! I'm so glad to be with you all today! You know, Trouble Comes Knocking starts out with Lucy not quite knowing where her life is going, but so quickly she ends up thrown into the deep end. Talk about learning under fire! Having a killer come after her, finding out secrets about her past she really didn't want to know and trying to keep someone close to her from spending life in prison for a crime she didn't commit is enough to make any girl go a little whack-a-doo. I'm so proud of Lucy that she not only manages to keep it all together but has such a great taste in music while she's at it! Now, if she could just figure out what's going on in the brains of Eli and John she'd be great...

    Thank you again for having me here today! I'm super excited!