Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I Think About Boys & Boyfriends (in bookish regards)

Well this is gonna be fun *rubs hands together in a slightly evil manner* I mean comes on..we all know that:

...that's not exactly what I meant but I really am
aren't all book lovers? It's only natural! And when my friends ask me who I like, I'm just all like:

And that's just the beginning of my rant:
Okay so maybe this isn't alllll the time but he probably doesn't like me so ....
Snooze you lose! Hahaha. When I'm asked what going on this weekend:
When I'm with people who understand:

Of course in the end, they really are only fictional (as much as I REALLY wish they weren't) so...

Though I really like roses too..just throwing that out there...cuz in the end all I want is
Why? Because
Of course, so is this:

Share your book boyfriend thoughts!
Happy reading my bibliophilic friends!!

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