Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard

And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard
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The Morris Award-winning author of Paper Covers Rock delivers another stunning boarding school novel about the aftermath of suicide, female friendship, and romantic tragedy.

When high school senior Paul Wagoner walks into his school library with a stolen gun, he threatens his girlfriend, Emily Beam, and then takes his own life. Soon after, angry and guilt-ridden Emily is sent to boarding school in Amherst, Massachusetts, where two quirky fellow students and the spirit of Emily Dickinson offer helping hands. But it is up to Emily Beam to heal her own damaged self, to find the good behind the bad, hope inside the despair, and springtime under the snow.

I don’t really know what it was about this book that rubbed me the wrong way. It just felt off. I was unable to form any connections to any of the characters. Personally, I wasn’t able to keep my mind focused on the book. The narrating voice just sounded so indifferent to what the characters were doing or saying or thinking or feeling and I just couldn’t read that.

From the synopsis I was thinking verse. Let me just say that positively freaking adore to the end of the four corners of the world verse. Like, I really super dee duper love love it. This was told in third person present. And it felt numb. I just couldn’t do it. As per usual, I don’t like third all that much and I doubt I ever will. For me it takes away from the story.

The emotions just didn’t feel real. Most of the reviews I have read say that the writing is lyrical, and I’m sorry but I can’t see that. AND WE STAY just wasn’t my cup of tea. Maybe if I stuck with it longer I’d have loved it (or even liked it) more. It is what it is.


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