Friday, October 3, 2014


Are you wondering if you read that right? Did you read "WIN FREE BOOKS FOR LIFE!"? If you did, you have in fact, read it correctly. Now, I bet you're wondering how exactly you are to go about this.

Colleen Hoover has decided to be even more awesome than usual and is offering this up for grabs:

Third Place: Signed book + Shirt
Second Place: Signed book + Shirt
First Place: Shirt + ALL of the books she has out signed as well as all her future books. WOAH MAN. 

What do you have to do? Well, you have to be artsy. Yup. Make any artsy thing (drawing, painting, graphic, ect) inspired by one of her books, send it to the address found on THIS PAGE, she'll pick the winners and all that jazz.

Sounds perfect right?

Hope y'all enter!

Question: What's your favorite Colleen Hoover book? Leave it in the comments!

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