Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free Books and an App to Believe In

Hello there all you lovely people! I've done, what? One other post on the beauty that is Wattpad? Have I even done that? *searches through tag and archive*

I seriously an hoping that y'all have an account. Or maybe your shouldn't. It is rather addicting and time consuming. *looks around blog. Sees a lot of work to be done.* *Looks at TBR pile/ shelf/ bookcase*

Okay, so this is the most addicting app and website you will ever find. It's more addictive than Pinterest. And sweet lordy is that website addictive. Anyone else find themselves pinning at two in the morning? No? Just me? OH YOU! YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! *shakes hand*

If you do happen to have a Wattpad and are looking to expand your library (and I mean, when are you not?!) here are a few books that you need to add to that reading list. And then to your favorites.

  1. Bitter Kisses by LifeGoesOn31 : Not your typical rejection story, and on Wattpad, there's a whole freaking lot. This one shows strength as opposed to some of the. . .let's say whinier female leads. Go ahead and add it!
  2. Beast of America by JuneValentine : Fine! I'll say it. Anything by this author is amazing. She should have a shrine. You know what? She probably already does. Go ahead and read SKIN by her while you're at it as well. 
  3. Avalon by palominolane : OH LORD THIS BOOK IS AMAZING AND NOT FINISHED AND SO FAR OVER 300 PAGES. I love this book. I love this book. I love this book. 
  4. Baked Love by thecuppedcake : Despite the rather stupid name, this may, in fact, be the most adorable book on the face of the earth. If this book had cheeks I would pinch them. 
  5. True North by Blondeanddangerous : My friend told me to read this. I should really trust her most because this main guy was hot *sizzle*

Here, my lovely readers, is my favorite cover out of these books. 

Fantastic right? So the follow me is on the sidebar. OH WAIT! HALT! DO NOT LEAVE YET!

I wrote a short story on Wattpad

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