Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Covers From My 2014 'Read' List

Hello everyone! Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and are having a lovely new years.

I thought I'd share my favorite covers from the books I read in 2014. Want to see the full list? Click here to see it on goodreads.

What do I like about these covers? 

The FONTS. OH. MY. LORD. Do you see all the pretty?! I adoreee the font in Infinite Moment and the one used for the Wicked cover is freaking gorgeous.

The other things I love to pieces? The artwork on these are really pretty snazzy. The bottom two are silhouettes, number three feels like girl power and then the first two are just so romantic. I love me some romance.


So what are some of your favorite covers from 2014? From the books you've read in 2014? In general? Annnnd. . .what do you love about them?


  1. I agree! The covers are gorgeous! I hope you enjoy them all Jackie :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

    1. I did enjoy them all- especially Kiss of Deception!