Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pictures Made for Story Inspiration

Oh, hello there my darlings. So, as y'all know I have a slight obsession with Pinterest and basically anything pretty. I have so many secret boards that are just filled with story inspirations. Below are three of my favorite picture that aren't completely fairy tale-esque.

For me, like, as of right now, I have three stories going. One is in verse, one is with vampires and fey and all that jazz and the other deals with a certain kind of madness. I hope y'all love and are as inspired by these pictures as I am. Please, do leave a comment and tell my what your favorite genre is or maybe something utterly inspiring to you.

 F A L L I N G   S T A R S / W E B S I T E

T O   M E : This feels very ethereal and tragic to me. She looks like she's sacrificing herself to the universe. Giving up control. Letting go. It makes me wonder why she's letting go. I mean, I hate not being in control. Is that only me?

G O T T A  B E  S O M E B O D Y / W E B S I T E

T O  M E: Doesn't this feel like there running away to be someone or find someone or do something worthwhile. Maybe they're off to be rock stars in the 80's and want to feel the power of the stage. Or maybe they're going for a more R&J vibe. Whatever it is, it's very spur of the moment- typical teenage angst, yes? 

 G O T H I C  W O N D E R L A N D / W E B S I T E

T O  M E: I love Alice in Wonderland and this is so that. The madness in the quote and the bunny head. Maybe the girl against the rabbits arm in stuck in her head. Maybe she fell down the rabbit hole. Or maybe the rabbit took her. So Grimm. 

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