Friday, November 27, 2015

3 Reason to Cringe at ROOMMATES by Erin Leigh

Roommates by Erin Leigh
October 2015
Kindle Edition
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Life is full of expectations. 
For Brady Coldwell it’s always been about the game.
Hockey is and always will be, his life.
His family sacrificed everything to get him here and he won’t let them down.
He knows what’s expected of him.

Natalie Banks is no different. 
She too knows what it means to have everyone sacrifice for you.
She knows about the debt that’s left owing in the end and the price you pay for making up your own mind.
But when an innocent mistake lands them as roommates, neither of them is prepared for the feelings they have or the consequences of their actions.
How do you negotiate matters of the heart?
How do you say no when it simply feels so right?


Reason Number One: Gender Role Serotypes. *gags* Oh this book was stuffed with them. Super manly-he man with cave man qualities and must (excuse the medical terminology) copulate with anything that breathes. Usually this wouldn’t bother me so much. But it went hand in hand with the female gender role: super flimsy main girl who gasps when he says a curse word- “He says it like you might say bless you. It’s nothing to him, certainly not a demeaning word for ladies.” Pardon me while I flip a few tables and proceed to use a sailor’s hand book on how to communicate while at sea.

Reason Number Two: Slut Shaming. I was- what? Ten percent into the book and there’s some slut shaming. FROM THE DUDE AND THE CHICK. Oh, may the lord have mercy on your soul. Who granted them the authority to decide what someone wants to do, when they want to do it, and how they feel like doing it? Hmm? I can’t. I’m sorry. I really, really can’t. You want to have sex? Go have sex! You shouldn’t be put down for it, and you certainly shouldn’t be put at the mercy of another person’s opinion on how often you want to do it. *shakes head in a very disappointed manner* *flips a few more tables*
Reason Number Three: The feeling of forced affection and the leading of it to really ignorant decision. It all started with the possibility of peeing in the shower. (and the lack of) Promptly followed by the assertion of being a pervert, irrational sobbing, the making of cookies, and (finally) a blossoming friendship. Do I have to say more?

BONUS: The assuming of virginity because the girl is ‘uptight’ when really it’s just a new situation with a new person who she expected to be a girl after being ambushed by her ‘best friend’ and therefore MORE IGNORANCE.

*angry growl*

So, lovelies. That’s my rant for the day. Maybe you’ll like this one, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll be enchanted with the asshole behind the curtain; I certainly didn’t make it to the part where the curtain is peeled away. And frankly, I don’t want to. I can’t really give this one a rating.

What is the most recent book you’ve DNF’d?

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  1. Oh damn... I already got excited about the skates on the cover since I absolutely love hockey, but yeah, I won't be checking this out... Thanks for the review and saving me from a book that sounds quite horrible, to be completely honest.

    1. I know, girl. So same. Thanks for commenting. And ranting with me on Twitter about said book. And hot hockey lads. *winks*

  2. This sounds terrible! I'm inwardly raging at the three tropes that YOU. MUST. NOT. USE. In any genre! Ugh I'm glad you DNF'd this one, it seems like you're not missing out on much. Last book I DNF? I don't really do that, it's more like a loooooong hiatus lol. :P

    1. I was SO FREAKING disgusted. Especially the assumed virginity and slut shaming and stereotypes and forced affection...oh wait. LOL. Go you for not giving into the DNF! I tryyyyy not to. But there aways seems to be a book that I. Just. CAN'T.