Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Slam Poetry and the Poets Who Write It

The most well known one of this clan, at least the most well known to me, is Sarah Kay. I found her first on the video she did with Phil Kaye: AN ORIGIN STORY. But that's not where my love affair with this kind of spoken word insight began. I actually remember the person who introduced me, and four other barely-teenage girls to this world. The first poem in this form I ever heard was BLUE BLANKET by Andrea Gibson.

This poem sound deceivingly fluffy and the way Gibson preforms it, I swear she could bring an audience to their knees.

The thing about slam poetry is that nothing, no topic no taboo subject no words previously silenced, are left untouched. Honestly, this sounds a whole lot like freedom.

Anyways. I thought I'd leave you a list of my favorites. Or at least a few of them.


OCD: Neil Hilborn 

Okay, y'all. Bring the tissues and the chocolate. And prepare to want to hug a whole lot of humans. Also, prepare to want to leave the door unlocked. 

Explaining My Depression to My Mother: Sabrina Benaim

SWEET LORDY I JUST WANT TO HUG HER. This girl. She writes about fear and not knowing and the lack of understanding on all parts.

When Love Arrives: Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

These two. The feeeeels. And they sound so good together. This poem---you can't not love it. Lasting forever or a day, tell love welcome.

40 Love Letters: Jeanann Verlee

I don't have words. It felt fun. And then it felt a whole hell of a lot like falling.

Submissive: Lauren Zuniga 

In this poem, Lauren talks about her first sexual experience with a woman in a way that keeps it light and fluffy and oh so funny. This woman is amazing.

Anyways. Poetry is grand.

Who are some of your go-to poets? Slam poets? Tell me who to watch next!

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