Saturday, June 16, 2018


Those golden rays are beaming through your blinds, you're staggering into the kitchen for the first cup of coffee, and you pulled up this article to read while that life-saving (other people's lives, too) brew is getting all fixed up. I'm flattered, really, that I'm a part of your morning routine. 

As you can tell, this blog is turning into a whatever I want blog. Naturally, books are part of what I want. I also want music, food, coffee, adventures, and for you to be your best self- whatever that may be to you. I think that people should be given the opportunity and means to achieve their notion of success. Whatever success means to you: I know you've got this, I see how hard you're working, I see the person you've evolving into and that person is freaking gorgeous.

In working that hustle, you need to take care of yourself. I'm here to provide a couple simple things for you to do to maintain your sanity. And, as always, if you ever need to talk, I'm only a tweet, email, or quick holler in the fast-approaching abyss away!


I found this app, and I've been following it in it's come up. Watching it grow, gain a following, and then finding it's way onto my rose gold iPhone has been super cool. What is this app?

Let me introduce you to your new BFF and biggest advocate next to your actual BFF: Aloe.

It sounds so simple: setting reminders to take care of yourself. And it is simple, but it is so freaking important. And then we forget to- look after our own bodies, that is. With Aloe you get to set the reminders for yourself. What do you forget to do?

Rest. Drink water. Breathe. Text your friends. Get inspired. Feel motivated. 

These are just a few of the options you've got with this app. I use the free option where I get the reminders all straight-forward like. However, you can also upgrade and get some other cute phrasing options along with some other good stuff.

One of my favorite reminders I have is get moving: I usually have music on (okay, I always have music on) and do a quick four minuet happy-that-I'm-on-this-earth dance. Frequently there are squats. There are always rapid hops and twirls.

10/10 would recommend!


Y'all need to get enough sleep- whatever that means to you. AND I'm not talking about enough to function. Oh yeah, I'm talking enough to where you feel good. The kind of sleep where you wake up and want to get going. For those of y'all who are unaware that this actually exists- it does!

Try this app if you're a white noise lover like me: Rain, Rain.

If it's not possible for you to get enough sleep because of your job, school, or some other circumstance- try to find time throughout the day where you can take a step back and just reset. Reset your brain, your emotions, your stress and anxieties.

So, how can we reset? Now, this is something that I really struggle with. That being said, I've found that music is my best avenue to take a step back from anything and everything.

For the days where I want to punch someone in the face I listen to my indie rock bands. For the days when I'm confused and uncertain I revert back to 2000s R&B. For the days when I'm overwhelmed I listen to afro-beats, hip hop, and R&B. Feel free to haunt my Spotify, I make monthly playlists so you'll always know what that month's mood is going to be like.


It's all about the small things, really. So here's a list of happy things, tiny comforts, and things I love. Enjoy xoxo

Freshly-washed sheets. The smell of coffee in the morning that someone else made for me. Holding hands. The vibrations of really loud music. Sunshine. The smell of outside right before a storm. Petting animals. When someone I love texts me. A good hair day. The feel of lotion on just-shaved legs. Warm blankets. Soft pillows. Good music. The taste of a perfect peach on a summer day. The sound of a crisp apple. Just-out-of-the-oven brownies. Hugs. The feel of new jeans. An assortment of pretty, fin-tipped pens. Colored paper. The color black. Rocking in a hammock. The sound of fountains. Food trucks with really nice people who love what they're doing. Finding a new place to grab coffee. The feeling of walking right after I finish working out. Turning in a paper that I worked really hard on. Dreaming with my eyes open. When someone says they love the song I put on. Making art. Using watercolors. Making collages. Fruit snacks. Movie, coffee, cinnamon roll nights with my best friends. Adventures. Road trips. Meeting new people. Taking a day to just sit in my bed and not talk to anyone. Listening to music all day. New headphones. Listening to other people talk about the things that they love. People asking me about the things that I love. Happy dogs. Dogs in general. Soul food. Glitter. Plants. Getting fun mail. Reading letters. The idea of falling in love. Walking. Hiking. Going to new places.

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