Friday, July 8, 2016

That Time Where I Realized the Extent I Adore Cultures || The Wrath and The Dawn

Persian Food Edition

While all the Twitter ARC Drama happened the other day I decided to stick my head in the sand (or rather The Wrath and The Dawn) and keep on keeping on rather than get involved. The arguments been said a thousand times, and yet this still seems to be a reoccurring thing. Before I get into the actual meat of the post let me say this: there is a freaking reason that publishers put NOT FOR SALE/RESALE on the cover, the spine, the back, and inside ARCs. How about we not sell them, not horde them, and just not generally do mean, stupid things? Yeah? How does that sound?


Now that I’ve addressed that let’s talk about Persian food. Specifically, the food as noted in The Wrath and the Dawn:

I'm not the only one who thinks that this sounds absolutely divine, right? Yogurt + cucumbers? Lamb + dates? Berries + roasted tomatoes? This literally makes me want to put a chef had on and get cooking. Also buy jewels and scarves and maybe take a trip to a desert and ride a camel. 

Here's the thing about culture for me; if it builds the world in the story adequately, then it can give that book a three-star rating. Easy-peasy. 

I don't love either The Wrath and The Dawn or The Star-Touched Queen. Both are set in the Middle East. A culture that I'm a bit obsessed with (especially food + clothing +story-wise). However, I adore the book A Thousand Nights. Also set in the Middle East, and like both tWatD and tSTQ, has remunerates of 1001 Nights and BlueBeard. 

*Le Major Sigh* Faves. 

Anyways, the food in culture-driven stories is important to me. I like food. 

Besides the decadent food as shown in the picture above, the book also talks about lavash. It's a flatbread of sorts. But...crisper? However you wish to describe it, I'm making it next week once I have a bit more time on my hands to work with trial and error and don't feel quite as my-eyes-are-on-fire / ah-allergies-halp. 

I'll definitely post picture of my success/failure to Twitter, and possibly to the blog. 

If you want to try the recipie too it looks super easy (of course I said that about biscotti too, and that was a hella hot mess) just tag me in the twitter photos so I can see your results. We'll compare notes!

Bonus ||

Okay so here I am reading The Wrath and The Dawn all innocent-like when I stumble upon words I don't know and they're italicized so I'm like YAY NEW FOREIGN WORDS MUST LOOK UP NOW. So I do. 



The words in question were delam and joonam

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