Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Queen Need a Book..or Maybe Her Successor Does

I adore history. I'm not super sure if you are very well aware of the matter. Have you heard of Mackenzi Lee? No? Well go check out her Friday fun days and you'll get obsessed too. She's a badass woman who talks about badass women.

I adore the sum of it. So freaking much.

I'm also just beginning this whole college thing. Already changing my major! Wheeeeee! This Parts of History shingdig is me trying to figure myself out while trying to make sense of the past. Not that that is at all possible. But it suuuuure is fun.

For my first one of this series I'll be talking about the last Queen of Hawaii.

I'll just begin with you can check out all this information on these websites: PBS, HISTORY.

As you just read, Lili'nokalani was the final queen of the kingdom of Hawaii. After having the throne passed down to her by her brother when she was in for 40s, she worked to restore Hawaii to it's old ways. Those old ways being a monarchy instead of run by rich sugar plantation owners. As you may have been able to guess, these rich plantation owners were none too happy about her personal mission and went to the USA government to try to fight for their survival.

They wanted annexation, but Lili stood her ground. She, as demonstrated by Hawaii being a part of the USA today, was unable to win her battle. This was made particularly difficult where her niece (who she made her only heir since she and her American-born ship captain husband never had any children of their own) died of poor health at the young as heck age of 24 in 1899.

Whoops, forgot to mention that this queen lived from 1838 until her death in 1917.

This fun fact is important because women in positions of power is something virtually unheard of for the era.

(another fun fact, way wAY back, the Huns had no issue with female authority. In fact, women were warriors along side men. Read more about female warriors in history here.)


That's about all I've got on this human. There will be more fun historical happenings in future posts. Stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite lesser-known people in history?

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