Sunday, October 30, 2016

What's New in the Writing World?

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So many things are happening right now. My twitter feed is going crazy over one thing or another every day of the week. This short little post is a quick update for the readers, bloggers, generally fabulous humans who want to stay informed, and the random squirrel with the ability to read.

First off, we've got the most well-known bookish marketing, meeting and greeting event setting a limit on the number of bloggers able to attend. BEA--also known as Book Expo America--is setting the limit to 6,000. While this may seem like quite a few, the book expo is know to have a blogger attendance of around 10,000.

So, yeah. 4,000 less people. That's a whole freaking bunch.

Another thing that's got a whole lot of the blogger community worked up is Harper Collins not sending out ARCs to bloggers anymore in the future. There has been speculation as to whether they'll be sending them out to boostagrammers and youtubers. I haven't heard anything straight from the horses's mouth, but I have to say that I'm not super surprised.

I'm not throwing anyone under the metaphorical bus, but after many Cons this past year, certain attendees are abusing their privileges as bloggers, readers, and consumers of books. Deception of publishers and other bloggers is not okay, and I think this is the beginning to the back-lash of those actions.

To end this post, let's talk about the harassment that author Chelsea Cain is facing over her kick ass feminist cover for this gorgeous looking comic book. Thank you menists (or however the heck you spell it), for saying that comic books are the place that you go to escape all the people in the world telling you that you can't do something, and that you'd rather not see women stroll around in the industry like they own the place, like breaking through isn't their right as a human being. Thanks for being idiots.

Let's be honest, y'all, the amount of implied inferiority that white heterosexual males are encountered with is on the hella low end of the power imbalance and equality spectrum. Let's not pretend like women are dominating every other industry out there. I'll tell you straight up, we aren't.

There's a freaking article telling me not to be easily offended--which yes, I'm kind of offended by--in order to excel in a male-dominated work place. Sometimes, I'm going to be offended. Chances are that I have a reason to be. When I'm offended, I'm not going to let that affect how well I do my work, how fantastically I'm going to succeed in what I do, and I'm sure as hell not going to let anyone treat me like I am less of a human being than they are, especially because I have a vagina and not a penis. (Though, I do appreciate the emphasis on sexual harassment never being okay--hell no it is not.)  I'm going to drop this link of the 2014 most powerful women in politics to make me feel better.

That's a wrap folks. What are some things that push your buttons? Some things that are going on in the publishing world that is new and weird and exciting?

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