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#ARC Review || One Wild Night by Melissa Cutler

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Published: March 7, 2017
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Get ready for the ride of your life...

A cowgirl at heart, Skye Martinez has a rebellious streak she's determined to shake. Especially since she's poised to take the reins of her family's business at Briscoe Ranch Resort. It's time for her to settle down and get serious about her future...right after one last night of fun with a handsome stranger she meets in the resort's stable. But when a midnight horseback ride turns into a red-hot weekend with one of country music's biggest stars, Skye's world is rocked beyond her wildest dreams...

Gentry Wells rode his bad boy image all the way to the top of the country music charts. But churning out hits has dried up his creativity, and he can't remember the last time his life was his own. Skye is a sexy distraction he can't resist, especially since she breathes new life into his music. They bring out the wild side in each other, which is great for Gentry's career—but a major threat to Skye's. Too bad he's fallen in love with her. With their hearts and futures on the line, can Gentry convince Skye to turn their joyride into a real chance to ride off into the sunset together?

I pictured our hot-to-trot Country music star as a rougher, less-nasally Luke Bryan with just as good of an ass. When Gentry Wells, said music maker rolls into Skye Martiez’s small, bustling town it makes a splash. His celebrity status is one thing, but with Skye’s mama finally convincing her to drink the love potion—men have been falling at her feet. Gentry is the opposite of what the spell was cast for; he’s not the baby-having, setting down, small town type. Which makes him the perfect just want to have fun man of the hour for Skye.  When they run into each other in Skye’s family’s hotel and wedding venue…things heat up. Something just want to have fun doesn’t mean just for now.

But, of course, not everything goes as planned…

Okay, so this book is kind of a hard one to write a review for. Which is probably why I’ve been putting off constructing one for this long. (I’m sorry!) Here’s why, there are elements to the book that I literally just can’t talk about because S P O I L E R S. And nobody likes those.

ONE WILD NIGHT hits a lot of points for me: it’s all family, being loved, understanding other people and people understanding you. Things don’t always go as planned, and Skye, she’s not a planner per-se, but she is a get things done kind of gal, and when she let’s go, she let’s go. Back to the family part, though. Her family is everything. And her family is also her church. I really just kind of adore that. I’ve seen a whole lot of faith representations in my life time, but this one is the kind that I can see in the faces of some of my friends. Being able to connect to a work of literature like that makes the experience even more fun than it already is.

Then you’ve got how friends are family to Skye. This woman doesn’t do anything half-way. She loves with all that she is, and I think that’s reflected in the people close to her.

Then we’ve got the fading country star, Gentry Wells.

Have y’all noticed that I’ve sort of got a thing for music people? If not, then listen uP FOLKS. I’ve got an announcement: I’ve defiantly got a thing for people who get so lost in the music that when they listen to it, when they play it, they become the most beautiful, most free version of themselves.  

Basically, this book is lots of good stuff. It's sweet with a dash of some heavy emotions. ONE WILD NIGHT is a shove it on your shelf kind of read. I hope you like it as much as I did. 

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