Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Bad Ones || Music Playlist {minor fangirl}

"I would tear apart the whole world for you."

This babe of a book was on my Cover Lovin post from last year. I hard-core swooned over this cover. Y’all know at this point that I love the aesthetic of brutality, of vengeance, and generally thing that go bump in the night: monsters. I think that we’re all capable of that type of violence, but when I see it in art, on the pages of a book…y’all. There’s a reason that the antagonists are my favorite.

The Bad Ones had a playlist at the back of the book, but I have a little something different in mind for these two twisted as all get out main characters. Don’t worry, babes, I’ll do them justice. This is also the book with my first character’s aesthetic board on Pinterest. Be sure to check it and the playlist out!

Okay, y'all are aware that I love music pretty much as much as I love books. And I've got a whole blog dedicated to literature. That's a whole freaking lot of love.

Anyways. Music. Give it a listen.

Okay y'all. I'm done here. Read the book.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE when authors have playlists for their books - since I love music too - but it's also great when readers come up with their own.


    1. Thanks for reading + listening! Playlists are like my A C T U A L favorite!