Monday, April 1, 2013

Cute Spring Reads

Hello?! Is that spring! Does that mean the groundhog didn't lie? YAY! I have been cold for far too long. Gimme de warmth(:

Well today, my lovely readers, is April Fools day. Did you know that? *yawn* sorry I'm insanely tired. Okay, I figure you need some warm reads to keep the cold off your shoulders.
After you read this post your favorite spring/summer read in the comments. On April 2nd I'll post your pick and the link to your blog on my post. 
Cool. Win-win, right?
Here, without further notice, are my some of my warm reads:

Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne
Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
Cowboy Dark by Tess Oliver
Catching Jordan by
Texas Gothic by
Anna and the French Kiss by

 Remember to post your pick!



  1. I've only read 2 of these (Along for the Ride + Anna) but I love both of those for summer reads! I totally agree -- Sarah Dessen is a must for sunny days :) Just anything light-hearted really... I read these in winter but I feel like the Summer series by Jenny Han would be PERFECT (I think that's pretty clear from the titles LOL).

    Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. OMG The title is absolutely perfect(: