Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Okay, I don't know how else to say this. John Green and his brother are two of the most brilliant people I know (okay I don't really know them) and I pretty much worship the ground they walk on. Girl Nerdfighter here. Yes, we do indeed exist. It's true. Instead of being made of bone and tissue I am made entirely out of awesome. Haha. What is this average? It doesn't sound like fun at all.
Anyways, they are like my favorite people ever. Just saying. Watch them. HEY! I'll be nice and even put one of their videos below.

They're amazing. I dunno dude. I dunno. Mind blown yet? Yeah, you are. Feel (not fill, have you ever noticed how people not saying who *cough little sister cough* say fill free instead of feel free) free to stalk them. Virtually, of course, I don't believe they'd appreciate being stalked, yah know, in real life. Outside the virtual/bookish world. Yes, there is one.
It's filled with horrors such as homework. It's this contraption invented by teachers to take up all of your time. *sigh* It is pure and undeniable torture.

From the Last Post:
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