Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ebooks and I. . : Talking Post

Those of us who have Ereaders, they're really convenient, aren't they? That is exactly the reason I love mine so much. It holds almost 400 books currently and I can still add more and I can take my Kindle everywhere. And the best part? Most everything is cheaper.

But, I like the look and, yes, the smell of a real book. Plus, I'm kind of a cover judger. So now I'm here to ask you: which do you prefer? Ebooks or physical?


  1. I've always had a love for physical books, but with the increasing availability and cheaper price of ebooks, I've been using those more. I also have limited space on my bookshelf, so ebooks make everything so easier! :P

    1. They do don't they? But I'll totally go buy a paperback version of a tale I loved to pieces :D