Friday, June 27, 2014

Let's Talk About the Delirium Pilot: It's On The Screen #1

First off, if you haven't watched it yet, go here and watch it. It's okay. You can read this after.

WHY HELLO THERE!!! So you've watched the pilot, hmm? What did you think? Personally, I actually quite liked it. I mean, I think to get a whole freaking lot of it, you'd have to have read the book first. But, y'all should be doing that anyway. At least I really hope y'all do.

What is Delirium by Lauren Oliver about? It's about finding love where love is deemed illegal and irradiated with a special procedure. It's about hope, and loss and friendship. Delirium is about Lena and Alex and the movement against the procedure. Its about a good girl gone bad and trying to find your place in a society that controls your thoughts. It's about a society that doesn't understand that heartbreak and falling in love are natural: needed.

Now let's talk about the Pilot. When I was watching the pilot, I tweeted with the hashtag #DeliriumPilot and I hope y'all did too, because there is a whole lot to say.

The Cast. 

Emma Roberts, I think, did a really good job of being Lena. She wasn't the exact (I mean when are they ever) Lena I pictured in my head, but she still conveyed that sense of helplessness and confusion, but also that sense of courage that Lena is so well known for.

Daren Kagasoff, while very nice to look at, is in no way, shape or form my Alex. He played his well but that is not Alex, y'all. *shakes head*

Gregg Sulkin as Julian. *chuckles* Every time I think of him, I think of Wizards of Waverly place and him being a werewolf. So. Uhm. Lol. That's totally not what I was thinking of for Julian.

The Actual Show.

Dear Lord, this thing was rushed. They tried to jam the whole first book into one episode. Although it was a good show, it was missing a whole freaking lot. *wags finger and shakes head disapprovingly*

So let's chat! What did y'all think of this one? Was it everything you imagined? Were you disappointed? Isn't Alex totally SAWOON WORTHY!? Leave all your thoughts in the comments.

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