Monday, June 30, 2014

Something True by Malia Mallory

Something True by Malia Mallory
May 24, 2014
Review copy granted through NetGalley


Successful children's musician Shelley Taylor sings for all kids, but especially the sick ones. After her little sister died in childhood, Shelley founded the music charity KC's Kidz to entertain hospitalized children.

She didn't sign up to babysit a rockstar.

Irish bad boy superstar Liam Smith is in trouble with the law--again--and needs to perform community service. KC's Kidz seems like the perfect fit, especially since Shelley's as curvy as his favorite guitar and he wants to play her.

Liam's deep green eyes strike a chord in Shelley, and she makes him want to sing a different tune. But Liam lives in a spotlight so white hot it might burn them both before they discover the true music inside their hearts.

SOMETHING TRUE was light and airy. It was predictable and an easy, quick read. In SOMETHING TRUE was have two musical people whose worlds are forced to collide and neither one of them prepared for the romance or self-discovery that follows.

This book, in essence, was a filler book. It won’t put you in or take you out of a book hangover. It won’t rock your world or make it crumble, it simply is. The problems that arose were easily mended and the writing was decent. If anything the book was a bit rushed. The two main characters seemed very. . .laid back?

SOMETHING TRUE was an easy read. In the end it’s not something that I’d really recommend or really re-read.

So, falling in love with a rock-star. Total everyday occurrence, wouldn't you say? 

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