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ARC Review: If You Love Me by Cassi Carver

If You Love Me by Cassi Carver
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..So What's This Book About..?

One city girl, one tough rancher…one tender temptation.

Men are way down on Carolyn Ashford’s list of favorite things, thanks to a billionaire father who’s all but disowned her, and an ex-husband who’s out to destroy her fledgling fashion start-up. When her ex takes his creepy behavior to a whole new level, she decides it’s time to get out of the Big Apple for a while.

Hiding out at Carter Halston’s Texas spread sounded like a good idea at the time, but now Carolyn’s not sure it’s wise to sleep under the same roof with the ex-military rancher. His mission-ready body, skill with a lasso, and gentleness with a newborn calf puts her at serious risk of giving in to temptation.

Carter has had some tough missions in his career, but none as difficult as watching over Carolyn Ashford. She’s the cutest, sexiest, most neurotic pain in the ass he’s ever laid eyes on. Carter knows a simple country boy doesn’t have much to offer an heiress, so he’s honing his focus to keeping her safe, even if his heart is telling him to keep her forever.

This was my first book by Cassi Carver. It wasn’t especially what I expected. In the third installment of this series, we have an heiress fleeing an abusive relationship and falling into the protective arms of ex-marine turned rancher, Carter. Both of these two people have things they’re running from and things (and people) they’re running to. One is hopeful, and one has lost all hope. One thinks himself to be irredeemable and one thinks herself to be broken. But with each other, with the forbidden, danger and heat, they’re something . . . different. Something . . . OHMIGOD THEY’RE LIKE PHEONIXS!!! *squeals* I adore those things, y’all. EEEPS!

Ha ha. Okay, so I thought this book was okay. No, it’s not going to make the world stop. It’s not going to change my view of something or someone. It’s not going to make me laugh or cry, but it was a decent read. I think the main thing I wanted from this book was just more. The explanations weren’t very, well, explanatory.  

One thing for me that I found a bit odd was I fall for (literally) all fictional boys in some way shape or form, especially cowboys. I mean swoon^2, y’all. It’s just how it is. But with Carter, I felt like I didn’t really know him enough to fall for him. I wanted to know more of his story, and *shrugs* I just needed more. I wasn’t able to form an attachment to the characters.

Overall, this was a fine read, but not something I’ll be re-reading.

 Who's read this one? Did it fall a bit short for you also?

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