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ARC Review: The Maverick of Copper Creek by R. C. Ryan

The Maverick of Copper Creek by R. C. Ryan
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PpublishedSeptember 30, 2014


In the New York Times bestselling tradition of Linda Lael Miller and Diana Palmer, comes R.C. Ryan's stunning new western trilogy about the MacKenzie brothers of Copper Creek, Montana.

First love always burns hotter . . .

Ash MacKenzie broke his share of hearts when he left Copper Creek all those years ago and struck out on his own. Tall, tough, and proud. That's how Brenna always remembered him, and from the looks of things, he hasn't changed much. Once, she thought he could save her—whisk her away from her rough childhood home and start fresh together. Now she knows better . . .

Ash isn't planning to stick around town long. As soon as he uncovers the truth about his father's death and makes sure the family ranch is safe, he'll be back out on his own. And then he runs into Brenna Crane. It broke his heart to leave her once—a herd of stampeding horses couldn't make him do it again. But Brenna has made a new life for herself, one that doesn't include him. Now he just has to convince her to give their first love a second chance.

You gotta love cowboys and drama and long lost love (or is it lost?) along with family drama (the really good looking kind of family drama!) and this book has all of that. But, something was missing. I think it was the connection to the characters that was missing. I mean, I love them all to pieces. Bad Ass gramps and a housekeeper who keeps said gramps in line along with two more (yes, more) hot brothers who are also sweet and nice and work on the ranch. Also, food. Food is really nice.

So this book begins with murder. (That makes you interested, doesn’t it?) It’s the murder of small town royalty and the father of these three boys. One of the boys, out main one as a matter of fact got tired of living under his father’s critical eye and left all he had ever known to make something of himself. He left without a goodbye to the only girl he ever loved. His best friend. Also known as the main girl in this book. Brenna and Ash. If these two aren’t soul mates, I don’t know who is. *throws up hands in an exasperated manner*

I love the whole down-home feel with the ‘we’re all in this together’ front everyone puts on. I also love the fact that everyone is so genuine. With all the genuine feel-good feelings, one would think that I would like (or at least connect) to all the characters more than I did.

Some of it was a tad bit too nacho like for me, such as the rather excessive use of ‘bro’ but other than that, I really have no complaints.

OH! And I really want to make the mashed potatoes at the end of the book. FOOOOOOD!

Cowboys. Yummy food. But no connection. Y'all looking forward to it? 

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