Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let Me Tell You Why Being a Romantic Rocks (and sucks)

Hello everyone!

Books, although we all love them to the ends of the earth, basically set us up to have our hopes and dreams crushed, don't you think? I mean where in the world are you going to find a sweet, sensitive bad boy who just happens to be, like, 6'5, have a great sense of humor, drop dead gorgeous, give amazing presents has great breath all the time and know all your favorite things by heart? WAIT YOU FOUND ONE OF THOSE? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?!  AND HE FIGHTS GOOD? AHHHHHH!!! HE CAN COOK TOO??

In a book? Oh. Well, that explains a whole lot. As a matter of fact, that explains everything.

Besides all of that, I just happen to be a hopeless (and I do mean hopeless) romantic. I mean have y'all seen my pinterest page? *le major sigh*

And this, my friends, is the reason why I love reading. Well one of the reasons.

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So what about you? What do you think on this particular subject?

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