Monday, October 26, 2015

A List For the Lovers of the Creepy...some #WickedReads

HAPPY IT'S SORT OF ALMOST HALLOWEEN! Wow. Where in the world did this year go? I remember when I was back to school shopping. And beginning to apply to colleges. And wondering what to eat while my best friend shouted different recipes. SPOILER: I chose none of what she suggested.

I love the creepy. Like, darling, you don't understand. The creepier, the better. Usually, I'm let down on the creepy aspect. I did this twisted romance recommendation back in May that got a bunch of hits, so I figured I might as well give you a few more to read. With a flash light in the dark while munching of chocolate covered potato chips, of course. Is there really another way?

Onto the list. Because I know that's what you're really anticipating.


Oooooh. Children of the Corn meets Romeo and Juliet? I loooved this one! I like the idea of carving your heart out and throwing it into the ocean. Possession and skin carving. A little (fine, a whole love) of black magic. Hot guys. Hot guys with secrets. Death. Corn being very not corn-like. Cults. A little bit of romance (okay, a lot). 

That first sentence told me it was everything I've ever dreamed of. Everything. And more; I won't lie.

"The dead girl hung upside down over our kitchen table" (ARC).

I can't wait for Kim's next book.

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So this book, although I love it (particularly beginning and the end), it wasn't always creepy. It was more erie. Like the next traditional recommendation will be. More than anything, I love that Gavriel (the evil + hot vampire who I am totally in love with) is an actual vampire. Like he is savage and bloody and brutal. And I love it. I love him. I love him from beginning to end.

I totally get it. You don't get why I love him. Well. Me being the prepared maniac I am, I have a quote. And I hope you love it as much as I do.

"I am used to girls screaming, and your screams- your screams will be sweeter than another's cries of love" (ARC).

*shudders* I love him. And I think you will too. Because he is actually evil.

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There's not going to be a big long rant for this one. BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is gorgeous. And I want April's newest coming novel (Wink Poppy Midnight) like crazy. Her writing is erie. It isn't creepy. It catches you like a spider in a web.

It sucks you dry after your caught. And you can't get out.

Liars and Lovers and Secrets. This one is a definite October-worthy read.


OFF WITH HER HANDS, THE CRAZY PROPHET SAID! And so went her hands, now on the ground. And she- left with bloody stumps. And there- her bones cloaked in silver, now resting upon the prophets mantel. Like a trophy. 

Granted, those are my words, not the lovely words composed by Stephanie. But you get the point. And the kicker? The kicker is who actually cut off her hands. *gags* Sorry, babe. But I ain't the forgiving type. Cults, man. Cults.

. . . others that'll have you shakin' in your boots

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“There are no ghosts; only the dust in the light, our breath and the wind in the quiet, and the feeling that something, or a lot of somethings, are watching us. So maybe there are ghosts after all.”

Why don't we have a little love mixed with everything that could go wrong?
Bones breaking.
Skin tearing.
Bruises blooming.

It's madness, y'all. Of the most lovely sort.

(This lovely is a #WickedRead! Thanks so much for Penguin for allowing me to review a copy--review to come! And for contacting me to be on the Wicked Reads tour!)

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It's not killing, my lovely little darling. Don't say that or heads will indeed roll.
It's culling. And off with your head, the moth mother said. Let me drink your blood.
No. Wait.
How about your soul?


What are some spooky recs for me? And what do you think of the list? 


  1. I've been wanting to read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea for a while now! Great list of creepy reads! :)

    1. Deep Blue is SO GOOD! I hope you love it!