Thursday, October 29, 2015

Want a book that goes with you costume?



Did I scare you? Oh, I so totally scared you.

I love this time of year because it has the best books, and there's bowls of chocolate in my teacher's rooms instead of jolly ranchers. Not that I have anything against those candies, but chocolate is just so much better.

I made a chocolate sandwich the other day. Oh, yes.

Looks amazing, right? 

Anyways. We're not here about chocolate. No. (sad face) We are here about costumes. AND I WILL HELP YOU. Or I'll show you where to go. Because I'm awesome like that. 

PenguinTeen put together this awesome little quiz. And I kind of love it. It has all their #WickedReads lovelies as well as others. Of course I made a book look for one of them. BUT YOU SHOULD TAKE THE QUIZ, YOU SPOOKY HUMAN, YOU. 

Here is the link. Comment what you get if you choose to take it. 

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