Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Bookish and the Non-Bookish


Hey, y'all! How are you?

I'm just going to give you my top my gifts to give book-lovers, the non-bookish, and those who like things that smell nice.

O N E ) Get yourself something nice! Evie Seo, one amazing blogger has recently started making gorgeous prints and putting them on everything. I can't pick one, so I'm resorting to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Like I always do when I can't make a decision. Find there here //

T W O ) Book boxes are all the rage. SO MANY BLOGGERS have done posts for reviewing them. Sadly, I have yet to acquire one, but they're darling. 

Do you have any subscription boxes that you just adore? Here are some for the non-bookish variety. 

“My little wolf.” She traced my jaw, the ridge of my knuckles. “All teeth and claws. Cunning, and fierce, and insatiable.” - Black Iris

These two are meant for the other. 

F O U R ) Gifts that give back are the best. I'm including two links to two lists that have TOOOOONS of things that you can buy that help someone somewhere to have a happier, more productive life. 

Isn't that just lovely?

Awesome! So there's my list of stuff for the gift giver inside of you. Of course you could always just make food. Like truffles. Or chocolate covered potato chips

Just throwing those out there. 

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