Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas, Loves!

Hello all you celebrators of Christmas! Happy holidays to all y'all to all those who celebrate all the other darling holidays that make themselves known this time of year.

WOW. What a year it has been. (whew. like omg y'all.)

I'll be doing a wrap up on this years accomplishments next week. For now, just enjoy the time off and be merry. Drink hot chocolate and cider and coffee. Or mulled wine if that's what you fancy. Watch Matt Bomber stalk across the screen in White Collar (it's on Netflix) or any of the digital variation of the much loved Mr. Darcy.

He's all the swoons.

Here are some of my recommendation for your new year reading. TELL ME THREE THINGS and WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED must be pre-ordered. My new favorite human, Tika, got me to finally read THE BONE SEASON. Warden is a total swoon-tastic combo of The Darkling and Mr. Darcy, Who I've previously mentioned having an obsession with.

And of course, one can't go wrong with some Rachel Hawthorne. She's soooooo darling.

SNOW ON THE BAYOU was sent to me last year by GCP. I loved it so much. So much fun. Short and sweet and hot hot hoooot.


What are some 2016 reads you're totally coveting?